Anti-Aging – Amazing Age-Reversing Powers of Exercise

Age-Reversing Powers of Exercise

Age-Reversing Powers of Exercise

Age-Reversing Powers of Exercise. I wonder if our children, we’re glued to the television recently for the last episode of the current series of Dr. Who? If they were, you will no doubt know that on this occasion the Doctor regenerated as…well himself. Personally, I feel a bit cheated – we all know that when the Doctor regenerates we get a new actor; on this occasion though (to the delight of my 11-year-old daughter!), David Tennant regenerated as…David Tennant. He lives on to fight another Time-war come Christmas Special time.

Maybe David Tennant has been exercising recently. Scientists are now recognizing that exercise has remarkable regenerating properties. The simple fact, that exercise actually has the power, not to stop but to reverse the aging process. Every single one of us, like Dr. Who, can take part in a personal regeneration programme. Impressive eh?

Have you ever heard talk of a person’s ‘Real Age‘ as oppose to their ‘Chronological Age’? It is an expression coined by scientists in recognition of the fact that our biological (‘Real’) age, as determined by such things as health of the heart, lungs, arteries, cholesterol levels etc. is a better indication of our life expectancy that our date of birth -our ‘Chronological’ age. It is our Real Age which can be turned back.

A good example

of this comes in the form of a study conducted by longevity expert Dr. Michael Roizen. Dr. Roizen performed a series of physical tests on a 50-year-old man, and established his ‘Real Age’ to be that of a 70-year-old! However, after a 6-month programme of exercise, Dr. Roizen re-tested the man and found that his Real Age was now that of a 45-year-old; exercise had turned back the clock by a staggering 25 years!

In fact, the American Journal of Behavioural Medicine has brought out figures which attest to the remarkable rejuvenating powers of exercise. 22 years of reduced lung capacity, it states in a recent report, can be reversed in just 22 weeks; the strength in arms and legs of over-sixties are increased by 100% after 12 weeks of load-bearing exercise; people at risk of heart disease can improve their health and cut risk of heart attack by 25% by regular exercise.

The message is simple

– take up exercise and live a happier, fuller, extended life. I challenge you all to become Time Travellers; the journey is fun and, providing you steer clear of DALEKS, you will live much longer to tell the tale!

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