Anti-Aging – Fact vs Fiction About Anti-Aging

Fact vs Fiction

Anti-Aging Fact vs Fiction

Anti-ageing is a highly controversially subject that is being researched to a large extent because scientists wonder if it really does exist. The war is not so much about the anti-ageing process; it is with the actual meaning of anti-ageing. Many people consider anti-ageing to be a type of medicine or brands, where others consider it to be the slowing or preventing the process. So the question still remains, is anti-ageing a fact or just fiction?

The answer really does depend on which definition you choose to follow. Scientists agree that research still needs to be done on whether there are ways to reverse the again process. Technically there is no medical advice that can say whether anti-ageing can really take place. Although there are many ways to look younger outside, deep inside you are still ageing. The result of the anti-ageing product will only see when the person dies, it takes many years.

Anti-Aging Fact vs Fiction


In the medical field

Anti-ageing means the prevention of age-related diseases. This is different from the physical aspect of changing the ageing process itself. There are many therapies that claim to be anti-ageing therapies such as calorie restriction, healthier eating, and of course adding antioxidants to your body that medical personnel believes help the again process to some extent. However, when you look at the state of our society and the obesity problem that many people face, the question remains as to whether it is just making us healthier to live a normal lifespan as opposed to living longer. People are dying younger because of unhealthy eating habits that can lead to heart disease, so right now it is impossible to tell what a normal lifespan is.

Many brands say that their product is anti-ageing, in fact. They just put it to tempt the person to buy. One more, there is little to no scientific proof that it actually works. There are creams that make your skin look younger, and exercise machines that help with anti-ageing. Again, this is just a case whereby looking and feeling younger it seems to help with our ageing process. It has no bearing on how long we actually live.

Anti-Aging Fact vs Fiction


Many therapies lengthen life spans by preventing unwanted diseases, but it doesn’t mean that it can consider as anti-ageing. It may help you live longer than you would if you had an incurable disease, but it will not help you live longer than what the natural lifespan is. So, in answer to the question of whether it is fact or fiction, there is no real answer at all.

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