Younger Looking Skin – Is it in Your Genes? Wrinkles, Aging

Younger Looking Skin

Younger Looking Skin – Is It All About Genetics?

The truth is that some of us are blessed with good genes that are less prone to wrinkling than others. Who exactly has the best genetic makeup that is less prone to wrinkles?

1 Darker skin – People with darker skin tolerate higher levels of sun damage compared to lighter skin individuals
2 Genetic factors – Parents that developed wrinkles later than other people have significantly fewer wrinkles later in life
3 Sleeping – Individuals who get 7 hours or more a night have healthier skin
4 Weight- Individual who maintain a healthy weight without large swings in gains or loss

The Role Of Genetics In anti-ageing Research

Anti-ageing and wrinkle reduction is a multibillion-dollar business, and researchers have amazing new technology at their fingertips. They are making great strides and advances in genetic research possible. Scientists working for the cosmetics giant Procter & Gamble announced that they have identified at least 1500 genes involved in ageing skin.

One exciting path that scientists and researchers are studying now involves single nucleotide polymorphisms that are found in our DNA HAS2gene. This HAS2 gene manufactures hyaluronic acid synthase 2, an enzyme that is one of the key elements that make up our skin. It is vital in tissue and cellular skin repair, and cellular regeneration.

This new anti-ageing knowledge is exciting, but you should be wary as many companies are claiming to be able to analyze your genes, but what are they going to really tell you. If you are looking for information about your risk of developing wrinkles. how fast you are going to develop wrinkles, what products fit your genetic profile, skin cancer or other skin disorders you may be throwing away your money on their high price genetically target products.

Your genetic makeup will influence your skin type: Have a look at your relatives and evaluate their style of living.

  1. Skin Type: Dry, oily, normal, or a combination of those
  2.  How much time did they spend outdoors?
  3. Did they smoke?
  4.  What was their alcohol consumption?
  5.  Did or do they live high stress lives?
  6. Amount of skin wrinkling, sagging, drooping
  7. Age when skin wrinkling started to be noticeable
  8. Did they maintain their weight

Your genes definitely play a role in how susceptible you are to developing wrinkles. But the research is not there to tell you exactly how much, or how soon wrinkles might develop. If you have good genetic makeup you are just plain lucky and will be able to expose your skin to more sun. And the devil may care lifestyle.

Younger Looking Skin

However, stopping time is not possible, and ageing is just a part of life. Growing older in the one skin you were given to last a lifetime of:
swimming under the hot sun, gardening, laughing with friends and family. Romantic romps under the sheets, eating all those delicious high sugar desserts. yo-yo dieting, health problems, staying out into the wee hours of the morning, your personal genetic makeup, and living day to day takes its toll on your skin, and you are going to get some unavoidable wrinkles.

Wrinkles can be lessened or decrease dramatically by following a few simple rules and using some of the newer higher SPF sunscreens and anti-ageing creams with effective ingredient formulations that were not available in the past. Living life being sun smart, eating healthy, maintaining your weight, choosing skincare products, and anti-ageing skin products that are focusing on your skin type and lifestyle are key components to maintaining youthful, healthy, smooth skin for a lifetime.

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