Ariana Grande Perfume Review | Be like Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Perfume Review

What Does Ariana Grande’s Smells Like?

The Arianators became wild and uncontrolled when Ariana Grande launches her first-ever perfume in history. Ariana Grande’s first perfume named “ARI’ on which it is came from her first name Ariana. Likewise, after the launch of ARI perfume, the Arianators wanted to smell Ariana Grande perfume more and differently. So, Ariana Grande shared more perfumes. And here is the answer to what Ariana Grande’s smells like.

Before anything else, let’s meet who Ariana Grande really is. As a matter of fact. Ariana Grande is known worldwide because of her beautiful and breathtaking voice. Additionally, she is the best singer and at the same time, she is the best actress too.

She’s entitled as one of the biggest artists in the music industry. However, Ariana Grande began her career in a Broadway Musical. Afterward, she continued her career as an actress in the Nickelodeon channel.

Well, before releasing new and own songs, she first began lent her voice to animated films and television. Suddenly, she’s discovered as an excellent singer and she should start her own career as a singer. After releasing new songs, she’s known worldwide and until now, most of the people are starting to love her.

That is why most people out there wanted to be like her by imitating her looks starting from her hair up to her smell. Fortunately, that’s what we will talk about – the one and only lovely smell of Ariana Grande. Are you including yourself as Arianators or wanted to be like her?

On the other hand, do you ever wanted to be Ariana Grande? Well, you can be Ariana Grande by using her enthusiastic perfume! Be like her by checking these Ariana Grande perfume, to be able to know what does Ariana Grande smells like.

Ariana Grande Parfum (Sweet Like Candy Eau de)


Ariana Grande Perfume Flavour Sweet Like Candy Eau de


The Sweet Like Candy perfume is a long-lasting fragrance and it is a 3.4-ounce perfume. It offers an intense smell that would incredibly beloved by Arianators and for all the girls out there!

It is somehow available for all skin types and can increase the attractiveness of a person. In addition, the Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy released last 2016 after the launch of ARI’s perfume.

The Sweet Like Candy perfume is made of floral fruity gourmet. The floral-fruity gourmet is eventually a mixture of blackberry, bergamot, pear, blackcurrant, whipped cream, marshmallow, jasmine, and etc.. Imagine, what smell they would produce if they mixed together.

The product dimensions of this product is 4 .4 x 4 . 4 x 4 . 4 inches. Additionally, it is 100% original and made of high-quality materials.




Ariana Grande ARI Eau de Parfum


Ariana Grande ARI Eau de Parfum


This ARI perfume is a 100% original fragrance that is available for all skin types. It is a 3.4-ounce perfume that has an incredible smell that increases the attractiveness of a person.

However, ARI perfume is her first-ever perfume. The Ariana Grande ARI perfume launched last 2015. Additionally, the Ariana Grande perfume review is mostly saying that it smelled like cotton candy.

Likewise, the product dimensions of ARI perfume are 5 x 9 x 7 or it is a 12 ounces perfume. Most of the time, it compared with the Sweet Like Candy perfume.

The ARI perfume is indeed similar to the Sweet Like Candy Perfume. But nevertheless. It is both a great perfume and originally made by the design house of Ariana Grande.


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Ariana Grande Moonlight Eau de Parfum


Ariana Grande Moonlight Eau de Parfum moonlight


The third is the Moonlight perfume launched in the year 2017. Its also originally made by the design house of Ariana Grande. Likewise, it highly recommends using daily same with the ARI perfume that recommends for casual wear.

Additionally, the Moonlight fragrance made of blackcurrant prim, marshmallow, peony, amber, sandalwood, and vanilla. It somehow has a very sweet and intense smell that is similar to the smell of Ariana Grande.

The best thing about it is. The long-lasting fragrance and its sillage are too soft compared with other perfumes. Likewise, aside from its very sweet smell, it smells like fruity or gourmand smell. So, if you ever obsessed with a fruity and sweet smell, then the Moonlight perfume is perfect for you!

The product dimensions of Moonlight Perfume are 41.3 x 41.3 x 41.3 or it is a 3.4 ounces perfume. To put it simply, the Moonlight Perfume offers great aroma, long-lasting fragrance and made up of fruity flavour.


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Ariana Grande Frankie Eau de Parfum


Ariana Grande Frankie Eau de Parfum Frankie


Frankie perfume launched in the year 2016. It’s full of positive reviews that mostly saying that it absolutely smells like Ariana Grande with a little bit musky. The Frankie Perfume comes with decent size and it has a luxurious appearance.

It is somehow a 1.7 ounces perfume and originally made from the designer house of Ariana Grande. It also comes with a well and completes packaged, it also offers high-quality fragrance.

So, do you ever wanted to be Ariana Grande for a while? Then, you can imitate Ariana Grande by using her favourite perfumes! The Ariana Grande perfumes such as Sweet Like Candy, ARI, Moonlight, and Frankie are the perfumes that come with an excellent and decent aroma.

Ariana Grande is such a passionate and talented artist. She is one of the most famous people in the world. So, do you ever wanted to be Ariana Grande? Do you ever dream to be Ariana Grande and to look like here just for a minute? Then, start to imply her looks and smell instead.

Well, do you want your smell to be like Ariana Grande? Well, these perfumes are absolutely a big help for you to achieve your dream to be Ariana Grande. It doesn’t only transform you like Ariana Grande, but it achieves great aroma and long-lasting fragrance. You can actually use it for your daily outfits!


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