4 Best Matching Hoodies For Couples – Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeves!

Matching Hoodies For Couples

Lovers always find ways to express their love – from holding hands to wearing matching hoodies for couples to let the world know of their affection. It’s also a way of lovebirds to celebrate their love and belonging to each other. These hoodies are staples during Valentine’s Day, but couples can always wear it any time of the year. Besides, it’s a cozy outfit that warms the heart and the body.

There are many options for hoodies, but the design and material will always be the purchasing factors. If you’re in the hunt for couple hoodies, you’re on the right place.

King and Queen Matching Hoodies For Couples


Matching Hoodies For Couples


Elegant in black, the king and queen Matching Couple Hoodies is a favorite among couples. The pair has the words “King” and “Queen” printed in front and adorned with white and gold crowns. The same print is placed on the hoods and sleeves of this pair.

This hoodie set didn’t overdo the print and design. It sticks to basic prints and minimal colors so couples can wear it without catching too much attention. Each of the hoodies is from skin-friendly spandex and polyester with a kangaroo pocket in front. It can carry phones, keys, and small purses – perfect for long walks or dates.

Take note that the design of the king and queen hoodies is form-fitting. If you prefer a loose style, opt for a larger size. Make sure to refer on the seller sizing chart when purchasing. Nevertheless, it’s stylish, especially for couples who want to accentuate their curves.

These hoodies are machine-washable without shrinking or wrinkling. The print won’t wash out easily as well even if tumble dried accidentally. Its material is thin but surprisingly warm which is best during winter months or just a breezy day.



SR Gold King And Queen Couple Hoodies


SR Gold King And Queen Couple Hoodies


If you want a pair with the color of love, the SR Gold Couple Hoodies will be the best suit for you and your partner. Like the first reviewed hoodie set, this one has white King and Queen prints in front with crowns on top. The hood and sleeves are plain which is excellent for couples who want to keep it easy with the added designs.

This hoodie pair has a red and black, stretchy material. It’s comfortable to wear and it doesn’t irritate the skin. Although these are hoodies, the SR Gold version is breathable and can wear during the spring or fall.

Also, these are form-fitting but comfortable for daily wearing and even on occasions like parties and traveling. If you’re looking for a gift for your partner, this would be an excellent option. You can use it for some time without losing the quality of the material.

However, keep in mind that these hoodies come in Asian sizing which is smaller than the European standards. Getting a piece one size larger than the indicated sizing might work. But if you want to be on the safe side, refer on the adjusted sizing chart of the seller.



Generic King and Queen Matching Hoodies


Generic King and Queen Matching Hoodies


Generic King and Queen Matching Hoodies are one of the favorites because of its simple yet durable design. If you’re looking for the king and queen hoodies with dates or numbers printed at the back, this might be the one for you. It says “King” and “Queen”. This is a good way of telling your partner that he or she is the only one!

The words and numbers are scribed using vinyl printing for a more lasting hold. And unlike other hoodies that use less absorbent fabric, these Generic hoodies are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It offers more warmth during cold days and excellent sweat-absorbing properties if you use it for a jog.

But for you to get a pair, you have to place two purchases. The consolation here is you can choose from three colors: black, maroon, and gray. The printed numbers are all the same.



Beauty and Beast Couple Hoodies


Beauty and Beast Couple Hoodies


If you and your partner want to avoid the cliché, you’ll love the Beauty and Beast Hoodies. Instead of printing “King” and “Queen”, this pair has scribed “Beast” and “Beauty”. Also, there are no crowns here. The Beast got a bloody wolf scratch and the Beauty has a large kiss mark. It’s a fun pressie for your partner or if you want to have a good laugh while wearing it together.

These hoodies are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex for a warm yet breathable jumper. Each hoodie has a kangaroo pocket that adds a fashionable look in front. Still, keep a close eye on the sizing.

You can machine wash this pair without damaging the prints. If you opt for handwashing, make sure to use cold water.




Mom and Dad Customized Couple Hoodies


Mom and Dad Customized Couple Hoodies


For couples who already have a little one, the Disney Shirts for Mom and Dad would be their version of king and queen. It comes in 3 different color and print combinations but with the same Mom and Dad design. This shares the same construction with the usual matching hoodies.

These hoodies are made of combed cotton for utmost comfort while wearing. It’s thin but soft to touch that even your baby will love snuggling with you. In case you plan to machine wash the hoodies, put it on the tub with the inside out at a maximum of 30 degrees.

To get the best fit, be meticulous in choosing the size before checkout.

If your partner’s birthday is coming up and you don’t have a gift in mind, matching hoodies for couples will be awesome. You also get a part from it aside from surprising your loved one. And the good thing is you can wear it in multiple occasions like Christmas Eve, family gatherings, anniversaries, and more. In short, you get the most value out of your quids!



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