Best Handy U Shape Travel Neck Pillow

Best Handy U Shape Travel Neck Pillows

3 Best Travel Pillow 2019 – Nap On The Go!

Regardless if you’re on the plane, car, or train, a travel neck pillow eases the discomfort of long journeys. Imagine not having the best travel pillow 2018 has to offer while you’re stuck on a 12-long flight or an unforgiving traffic jam at the motorway. As much as traveling is a one-of-a-kind experience, it could be more enjoyed if you can catch some winks along the way.

Regardless if you’re gifted with the ability to sleep almost anywhere, you can’t deny that neck pain can get you all miffed. With this, travel pillows became a big hit with the market flooded with almost all shape and purpose possible. These plushies are discreet and space-conscious alternatives to full-fledged pillows that you simply can’t have in tow.

Travel pillows can be self-inflating or just the classic U-shaped ones. There are more benefits of a travel neck pillow aside from cushioning your head.

Benefits of Travel Neck Pillow

On your neck

Obviously, traveling won’t allow you to lie down unless you availed a flatbed seat on the airplane. The best U-shaped neck pillows for sleeping are inflated enough to cushion your head and reduce spraining once you wake up. Well, it also works as a saliva absorber at times, so make sure to wash it regularly.

Under your bum

A numb bum isn’t a nice thing when you’re on a packed flight or a speeding bus. You simply can’t survive the whole journey standing up. If your seat feels like it turned into a solid rock slab, grab your neck pillow and use it as a bum padding.

Behind your back

Long hours of travel can cause you to slouch. If you start feeling back pain, place your neck pillow with arms on each end of your spine. This doesn’t just work wonders on endless traveling hours; it’s an office hack too. It relieves the pressure at your back while correcting the posture.

On your lap

Are you using your laptop? A travel pillow can give added elevation so you won’t end up bending too much just to see your computer screen. Your laptop can also become hot that letting it sit on your skin can cause minor burns or pigmentation.

Behind your head

This one’s obvious. If you’re camping out, a travel pillow can both be used on the car and while sleeping on your tent. There’s no need to bring another plushy.

Best Travel Neck Pillow For Long Flights

J-Pillow Head, Chin, And Neck Support


U Shape Travel Neck Pillows


If you’re tired of tossing and turning on your airplane seat, you should definitely get the J-Pillow Neck Support. This is awarded at the British Invention of the Year back in 2013 due to its ergonomic design. Aside from the neck-hugging arms, it’s also made with a J-shaped cushion that will prevent your head from falling sideways.


Best Travel Neck Pillow For Long Flights


It fills the gap between your head and shoulders so you would be comfortable while you sleep. No more stiff necks while you travel. You can even twist this in different positions to suit your needs. This is a patented pillow design that you can use for sleeping or just to keep your head upright for reading or watching. Most of all, it stops the “nodding dog” type of accidental doze.


Why Neck Pillow ?


Instead of using bean or air interior, this pillow has a foam stuffing for ultra-softness.  It comes in a dark blue color too. If you don’t have any space in your luggage, you can hang it on your knapsack using the built-in strap and button. It has a strange shape but it’s worth taking along during your travels.


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BCOZZY Travel Neck Pillow

Bcozzy Travel Neck Pillows


The BCOZZY Travel Neck Pillow isn’t your typical U-shape pillow. It has longer hands that twist inward so it wraps snugly around your neck. The extended length also provides an added cushion to the chin to prevent your head from falling forward.


Best BCOZZY Travel Neck Pillow


It keeps your heard upright and you can twist it to match your comfort level. This is a nice neck pillow for office use if you’re squeezing in some sleep during break time.


Benefits BCOZZY Travel Neck Pillow


With the wrapping effect of the BCOZZY pillow, even kids will love the coziness it brings. And since it will likely bear the brunt of drooling, this pillow is machine washable. This is an excellent improvement of the usual U-shape pillows that fall off when you turn on one side. Aside from stress-free sleep, this pillow also helps individuals with Parkinson’s disease.


Benefits of BCOZZY Travel Neck Pillow


Also, it won’t each much space on your luggage since you can hang it outside using the built-in strap. The only niggle about this is that if you’re a bit pudgy, the wrapping arms can feel strangling. But overall, it’s nice and soft to use and can be twisted in ways you wish to.


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Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow


Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow


The Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow is unique and one of the cheap neck pillows you can find. Instead of the usual neck-hugging options, this one has an elongated structure that you can use on one side or across the body. It has a sling strap on both ends so you can wear it on your body as you sleep. If you’re riding a car or a plane, you can hook the straps on the headrest of your seat.


Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow


This pillow is the best option for side sleepers and those who want something to hug. Unlike the usual foam pillows, this one is inflatable. It can be roll and button empty on your luggage handle and inflated easily using a few blow-ups. You can purchase the pillow cover separately if you want more softness.


Ultimate Travel Pillow


This is a nice buy but it can be a bit tiring for those who aren’t into blowing.  It’s also prone to puncturing if you’re not careful.


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The best travel neck pillow in 2019 depends on your preference and type of travel. All these three are wonderful and cozy. So the next time you head for long hours on the road or a flight, bring one to fight neck pain. It will be the envy of other passengers!

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