Entertaining Jewelry Making Supplies Kit September 2019

Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

Jewelry making can both be a hobby and a lucrative business. You can transform this past time into an income-generating activity even with just jewelry making kits at hand. In fact, earrings and bracelets are just some of the best-selling items on Etsy and other fashion jewelry online stores. You can bank on your skills, but before that, you should practice how to fiddle on findings, beads, stones, and more.

Keep these in mind while buying Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

Decide on the type of jewelry you’re interested at

Jewelry making can be overwhelming for starters with a wide variety of options available. You can choose from beading, metal-stamped, glass, clay, and more. Before purchasing your DIY jewelry kits, decide which one you’re most interested in. You can always try something else as you explore different materials.

Learn the lingo

What are the findings? Gem-setting? Is a 10-gauge wire better than a 12-gauge one? Knowing these basic terminologies of the jewelry industry is a good start even before you purchase your first kit. This is crucial so you won’t waste time and money on the wrong materials.

You need to have a workspace

Having beads and pliers all over the house isn’t a convenient setup. You’ll end up spending your time looking for missing pieces. It’s best that you maintain a workspace or a corner where you store all your jewelry making stuff.

Look for some inspiration

It’s sometimes difficult to find the muse for your craft. Looking for inspirations on Pinterest and other hobby sites about a piece you’re planning to make is recommendable. You can refer to some template designs until you come up with your own.

Get your hand on the tools

Seriously, get the best jewelry making kits for adults. You can purchase jewelry making starter kit Hobby Lobby store has to offer or the options available on Amazon. Familiarize yourself with the size of the beadings, types of findings, and the strings used. There’s no better way to learn your craft than to create actual pieces.

If you don’t have any idea about what kit to purchase, here are four bestsellers you can order. Just make sure that it suits the type of jewelry you intend to make.

Kurtzy 1000-Piece Jewelry Making Kit

Kurtzy 1000-Piece Jewelry Making Kit

For those who already have a concept for their pieces, this Kurtzy 1000-Piece Kit is an exciting option. It’s a huge set of stud earrings, cord and back end, lobster clasps, calottes, wires, loads of beads, and more.

The bead selection of this set contains wood, gemstones, spacers, and clear seed beads. With this variety, you can experiment with colours and bead combinations. If you have an interested friend, you can share some of the materials.

There are also three pliers so you’ll never need anything else to create fancy bracelets and necklaces. You can use it to cut, pry, and thread along wires and elastics. This set is massive, but it’s excellent for beginners who are performing trial-and-error with their designs.

jewelry making kit | Kurtzy 1000-Piece Jewelry Making Kit

H&S Deluxe Starter Jewelry Making Kit

H&S Deluxe Starter Jewelry Making Kit

If you’re looking for more fancy colours to start your jewelry hobby, the H&S Deluxe Kit is to die for. It contains a variety of beads including glass pearl, crackle, and acrylic faceted pieces. The jump rings, spacer beads, lobster clasps, wires, headpins, and eye pins are all silver-plated. To complete the selection are three varying pliers for cutting, threading, and tweaking. The size of the pliers is small enough to fit on a child’s hand and to be used comfortably by adults.

This essential kit comes in27 different packets so all the beads and findings are organized. It contains all the necessary materials for beginning a jewelry hobby. Although the beads aren’t as classy as what you’ll see on accessory shops, it works well for beginners. But like what they said, if you want real pearls, you pay for real pearls. This is the best bargain for price and quality, to be honest.

jewelry making kit | H&S Deluxe Starter Jewelry Making Kit

Sabrina’s Jewelry Making  Kit

Sabrikas Jewelry Making  Kit

Don’t know where to start? The Sabrikas Kit is probably the best find for those who have zero ideas about jewelry making. It comes with loads of beads for those who can’t get enough of variety and colours. You’ll also get a complete set of findings and elastic strings of different hues. And like most kits, it has three different pliers to get you started.

The best thing here is the Julie Ashford jewellery making guidebook that contains beginner designs and simple techniques. It’s a complete kit and the beads are of higher quality too. This is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s worth every penny if you’re into quality. Both kids and adults would be pleased to have this as a present.

jewelry making kit | Sabrikas Jewelry Making  Kit

Kuala Starter Jewelry Making Kit

Kuuqa Starter Jewelry Making Kit

If you’re not much of the “beady” type, the Kuuqa Starter Jewelry Making kit would be an interesting purchase. It has an exquisite selection of findings, brass ring, beading accessories, and a variety of wires and strings. All the materials are in chrome colour so you can explore with your own choice of décor materials.

The Kuuqa set has one plier for the total beginner as well as a plastic storage box to keep everything neat. It’s a simple kit but the cheapest for starters who aren’t into spending big right away. Overall, this is a great way to start and explore jewelry making. Just don’t expect it to be in the same quality as the ones you’ll see in jewelry stores.

jewelry making kit | Kuuqa Starter Jewelry Making Kit

These Jewelry Making Supplies Kit suit a wide range of hobbyists interested in tinkering with beads and findings. Each kit comes with a variety of materials, and with more practice, you can produce elegant pieces at just a small price.

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