Under Budget Fabulous Crayon Concealer

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Be it for the best waterproof eyeliner 2018 or the topnotch crayon concealer to hide your dark circles, you are on the right page. For quite a long time now, I’ve been struggling with ugly eye bags and mild bouts of acne – thanks to work stress and night owl habits. And when there’s a last minute invitation for a party or gathering, I do what almost every girl does. Find ways to hide those circles and look plump and naturally blooming. I have two amazing weapons: a nice crayon concealer and a killer eyeliner.

Here, I’ve reviewed four of my favorite products that have been tried and tested on a number of occasions. Check it out and see what works for you best:

Beauty Junkees Highlighter Crayon Concealer

Concealer | Beauty Junkees

Do you want to make your eyes pop as you’ve never spent last night binge watching? The Beauty Junkees Crayon Concealer is a trusty option. It has two ends: one with a matte shade and another with a shimmer shade. So aside from hiding ugly circles, you also get a few touch ups to add glow on your face.

What I love the most about this crayon concealer are its amazing ingredients. It has beeswax castor oil, carnauba wax and more that make the skin healthier and far from having another breakout (if you don’t have allergic reactions, at least). Yes, I adore organic cosmetics products. And since this is in a crayon form, there would be no messy bottles and brushes. You can contour your brows and shape your angles on the go.

Concealer | Beauty Junkees

If there’s one thing you should know about me, I hate liquid concealers. It feels sticky as hell and some products become runny the moment you sweat heavily. Not this one. It has a powder consistency that unless you become wringing wet when you sweat, it will stay put. Also, it doesn’t cake or flake.

For those who aren’t skilled with applying make-up, the Beauty Junkees crayon concealer is what I recommend.

Concealer | Beauty Junkees


L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer

concealer | L'Oreal

If you want something that rings a bell, the L’Oreal True Match Crayon Concealer is my next choice. What I love about this is the wide area of coverage and the ease of use. Unlike the first product, you don’t have to sharpen this one when the tip starts to dull. Just twist the bottom and the tip would be fresh as new.

If you want to tone the tiny passages around your eye, use the tip. If you want to cover your under eyes in one run, angle it a bit and use the sides – that simple.

concealer | L'Oreal

This one blends easily and you don’t have to worry about any cakey finish. It settles to the skin and looks naturally elegant. The L’Oreal crayon concealer comes in three shades: fair/light neutral, fair/light warm, and light/medium neutral.

My only caveat about this product is it gets a bit tricky to apply for those with dry skin. It tends to highlight the flaky parts. But the quick fix, as I’ve discovered, is to apply a moisturizer at least an hour before applying the crayon concealer. This beauty makeup tip works for me and may likely do the same with most people.

concealer | L'Oreal



Docolor Waterproof Eyeliner Pen


concealer | Docolor Eyeliner


Now, for a waterproof eyeliner, I can’t recommend Docolor enough. This can pit on top dollar brands for a meager price. First, it has an ultra-fine 0.4 mm brush felt tip that allows control and prevents messy smears. This is long-lasting and it can last a day without wearing off or starting to get runny. I haven’t tried wearing it and sweating to the max, but a lot of users say that it does last well. It works well even for those with oily skin.

For those who don’t like liquid liners, this is the one to go. It’s highly pigmented and produces great lines that accentuate the eyes. Still, you should let it dry first before blinking to avoid spreading the cosmetic haphazardly.

concealer | Docolor Eyeliner

I’ve tried top brands before and I can say that this one can be at a par with the most expensive ones. It gives out perfect wings and lines. However, there’s a shimmer to it that I’m not really a big fan of, still, I can live with it and make it part of my collection.

Tip: Don’t ever let this sitting without the cap on. It will dry fast and end you up with a useless eyeliner.

concealer | Docolor Eyeliner


Maybelline Eyestudio Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

concealer | Maybelline Eyeliner

All natural make up is my thing, but I can make an exception for this one. The Maybelline Eyestudio won the Allure Best of Beauty Award back in 2013 due to its amazing features. Like the Docolor, it has a 0.44 mm felt tip and a waterproof consistency that can last up to 12 hours. For those having long days like me, this is heaven-sent. There are times that I can barely re-touch or re-apply my make-up.

The best part here is that this Maybelline eyeliner is safe for those wearing contact lenses and who have sensitive eyes. It also has a continuous flow technology so every glide would be rich and highly pigmented. This is available in three shades which add to the versatility.

concealer | Maybelline Eyeliner

Of all the beauty tips I can give for this product, just make sure that you store it upside down. You don’t want a leaking pen, right?

If this is your first foray to eyeliners, the Maybelline product will be excellent based on my assessment. Of course, eye lining will require a little skill to achieve, but with the right makeup tips, this should work well.

concealer | Maybelline Eyeliner


The best waterproof eyeliner 2018 is just some of the gazillion makeup products you can see in the market. It’s just one tool, but it makes a whole difference on your appearance and overall look. The same goes for concealers. Make sure that you pick one that matches your complexion.

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