Awesome Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – Intense Black

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Have you ever used an eyeliner that made you look like a drag queen the moment you sweat? The best liquid eyeliner shouldn’t end you up like this. Take note that cosmetic products like these aren’t made equal. There are liquid and pencil types that work in a variety of ways. Not to discount your skill level during the application, the best eyeliner should give you smooth wings and lines.

No matter how they differ on the pigmentation and consistency, the best waterproof eyeliner should be easy to supply and has to give a long hold. As eyeliners play a vital role in contouring your eyes and adding character to your lids, we reviewed here five of the best loots for you to peruse:

stila Stay All Day Intense Black Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner



Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Thousands of beauty experts and newbies will attest to Stila’s amazing, eye-opening effects. It has a felt tip that allows easy application and smooth glides. No more clumping liquids or smudges. And since the tip is pointed, nailing that natural-looking wing is effortless for somebody who has experience with it before.

The formula dries fast which is good if you’re styling in a hurry. But it also means that you have to put the cap on at all times. Aside from that, there’s no other caveat I have for this eyeliner.

The black liquid inside the tube is highly pigmented and there would be no skips even if you glide fast. I recommend that you shake the bottle every time you have to apply this liner. The intense black version is amazing but you can always explore other shades from its 12 collection waterproof eyeliner shades.

This eyeliner is waterproof and stays all day – the best find for those who loathe touch-ups and reapplication.

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Maybelline Eyestudio Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner



liquid eyeliner | maybelline

If you’re looking for the best eyeliner for beginners, I recommend that you check out the Maybelline Precise black liner. It’s affordable than most which makes it a low-risk purchase for your first venture on this kind of cosmetic product. Also, it’s reliable and trusted by many makeup enthusiasts to complement their beauty ensemble.

This one has a 0.4 mm felt tip that lets you apply the liquid with more control and fewer smudges. This is somehow similar to that of stila. But the best thing about the Maybelline liner is that it’s safe to wear even by those who have sensitive eyes and are wearing contact lenses.

As a waterproof eyeliner, it can last for 12 hours. And based on my experience, Maybelline delivers the best cat eye look I’ve ever seen. It’s thin but thick enough to give my eyes the added contour. Anyway, if you have shaky hands and inexperienced with liquid eyeliners, you’ll have to practice to achieve the same thing.

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Docolor Waterproof Gel Black Eyeliner



Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I have tiny hands and crayon-like liners strain my palms and fingers. The Docolor Waterproof Gel Black Eyeliner is one of my favourites because of three things: its slim container, intense pigmentation, and easy application. It’s the same as the first two liners I’ve reviewed but I want to give Docolor the recognition because of its easy-colour nature and allergy-free formula. It also has a continuous flow system so every glide is intense black.

When applying this liner, allow it to dry first before blinking. It’s not a fast-drying type but worth it if you want those impeccable wings without the hassle. It doesn’t smudge even if you have oily skin and if you’re sweating like a horse.

This is so long-lasting that it can withstand rubbing and sleeping without peeling or cracking. Although it costs more than the other options here, this one can pit on the quality of the top brands.

Just one beauty make up tip: Store it horizontally to avoid leaks. This one doesn’t have the most sealed container.

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L’Oreal Paris Infallible Super Slim Black Liquid Eyeliner



liquid eyeliner | loreal

Even if you’re not a chocoholic, you probably heard of L’Oreal at least once in your makeup life. If you’re about to look for the best waterproof liquid eyeliner, I recommend that you consider their Infallible Slim Black liner. This one has the same felt tip but the difference is it doesn’t drag, smudge, or skip. You can achieve the most sought-after cat eye in a matter of a few glides.

Although this is fairly water-resistant, it won’t withstand intense rubbing or water exposure, say if you’re swimming in the pool. Still, L’Oreal is worth it since it lasts long and very affordable for features that most liners possess nowadays.

In addition, this L’Oreal liner doesn’t dry or leak easily as long as you seal the lid well.

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NYX Professional Black Liquid Liner


liquid eyeliner | NYX

Looking for the best waterproof eyeliner of 2018? I can bet on the NYX Professional Liquid Liner if you want an affordable, intensely black, slim, and a liner with a flexible tip. The felt tip gives you the freedom to control the thickness of the lines without too much effort.

What I like the most about this product is the matte finish. I’m not a fan of shimmers so this suits me perfectly. Each stroke is fluid and well-defined. Do you know what’s the best part? NYX is certified to be cruelty-free by PETA since 2010 and they continue this advocacy up until today. This little fact is a big plus for me.

If you have crying sessions or you sweat heavily, NYX is the best pick. The eyeliner waterproof feature is true as advertised and won’t make you look like a creepy ghost who had been resurrected to haunt the living.

This has an intense black colour, and when I say black, it’s rich and deep. Given the right makeup tips, this is to die for.

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These five picks reviewed here are proof that the best Waterproof liquid eyeliner doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get a decent piece that will give you smooth lines and perfect wings. Just keep practicing and your smoky or flashy eyes will be the envy of many.

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