Glamorous Matte Lip Crayons September 2019

Glamorous Matte Lip Crayons September 2019

Matte Lip crayons are now the latest beauty obsession right after matte lipsticks. It looks like an oversized Crayola which also comes in a variety of tints and shades to suit almost every skin tone. Generations of women are going gaga to this newest makeup loot. But how is it different from the usual lip products we usually use?

Matte Lip crayons vs. lipsticks

Lipsticks are all-time staples when it comes to styling. For women, it’s the greatest thing next to slice bread and flat irons. But with the arrival of lip crayons, a lot of ladies questioned the difference between the two. Basically, lipstick is the usually pigmented stick of wax encased in a rotating tube. Lipsticks are highly pigmented but it becomes a challenge to apply for those who are not skilled in lining their puckers.

This is where the lip crayon steals the scene. It’s the combination of a lip liner and a lipstick for more control. Like lipsticks, Matte Lip Crayons also come in matte, velvet, satin, and glossy finishes. It’s also as pigmented as lipsticks when applied on the lips.

Benefits of using lip crayons

All lip products have their own purpose, but there’s no denying that lip crayons are standing out in terms of convenience and finish. Here are some of the things we love about this product:

It’s easy to use

Swipe it like you’re drawing and you’re golden. Lip crayons are very easy to use even for those who haven’t used lipsticks their entire life. It’s affordable too and can match the matte lipsticks price.

Multiple lipstick products in one

Lip crayons serve as a balm, liner, and a regular lippie. It’s like the BB cream for the lips that hydrates, colors, and styles your puckers. This comes with matte lipstick shades too which saves you money from binge-shopping lip products (if you can control it, anyway).

No need for a sharpener

Unlike lip liners, most lip crayons don’t need sharpening. Once the tip starts to sink, just twist the round bottom and it will show up again. It’s an on-the-go and long-lasting lip regimen.

Gives a Kate Moss feel

If you love the natural-looking and shape-highlighting of Kate Moss sticks, lip crayons would be a cheaper alternative. It makes the lips naturally vibrant plus the finish doesn’t crack due to the hydrating ingredients. If other matte lipstick brands feel like a total steal, crayons are the way to go.

Thinking of trying a lip crayon? Here are three of our favorite picks:

Burt’s Bees Natural Matte Lip Crayon

Burt’s Bees Natural Matte Lip Crayon

Have you used the classic Burt’s Bees beeswax balm before? Their matte lip crayon will be the biggest level up of their products. Like their famous balm, this is made of 100% organic ingredients like jojoba oil, kendi oil, and shea butter. It comes in 18 shades including Redwood Forest, Niagara Overlook, and Napa Vineyard. Take note that only six of the colors come in matte finishes.

It has a very creamy finish which is paired with moisturizers to prevent cracking on the lips. However, it smudges easily so you have to be careful or just use a lip liner to fix it. You can apply this lip crayon on the go without the need to resharpen. Just twist the bottom and you’ll have a fresh tip.

You can wear this lip crayon every day even without using a mirror. It complements the lips without going over the top. The only downside for this lip crayon is its lack of staying power which means you have to re-apply whenever it smudges badly.

Lip crayons | burts bees

Bourjois Lip Crayon

Bourjois Lip Crayon

If you’re looking for a longer hold, the waterproof Bourjois Lip Crayon is the best bet. It has a non-sticky and light texture for total comfort. It’s so light you will forget it’s actually on your lips. However, this doesn’t have a super matte finish, just enough dullness to make it look natural. It can last up to 10 hours in just a single application.

Aside from the amazing colors, this lip crayon also has SPF 15 that shields your lips from the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays. Your puckers will be refreshed and moisture loss will be minimized.

The Parisian expertise applied on this lip crayon delivers joie de vivre for the lippie-obsessed user. If your puckers are relatively dry especially during summer, this lip crayon will be your go-to regimen. This is cheaper too so it won’t hurt your pocket just to get a decent lip crayon.

What’s more impressive about Bourjois is its rich and true-to-its color shades. Try this and you’ll surely won’t let it go missing in your handbag.

Lip crayons | color boost

Maybelline New York Lip Pencil

Maybelline New York Lip Pencil

Not exactly a lip crayon Maybelline has to offer, but this pencil is something you can’t resist to add on your beauty kit. This shares the same look with most lippies here but it has to be sharpened to reveal the shade. It works as a lip liner and a lippie in one without being too cakey on the lips. One application will last for up to 24 hours without losing the color intensity.

This is great lippie for those who don’t like the slippery feel of lipsticks. It glides smoothly on the puckers with a soft texture. If your lip tends to get dry with this kind of finish, apply a thin layer of lip balm before the application.

If you’re looking for a coral lippie, this one from Maybelline is to die for. It comes in a variety of shades so you can get one that suits your complexion. This is very affordable and the best bargain for a matte crayon that alternates as a liner.

My only caveat on this lip crayon review is it’s a bit soft to sharpen up to the last bit. Anyway, the nib doesn’t melt during summer which is probably the redeeming factor.

Lip crayons | maybelline

This era is the time for Matte Lip Crayons to shine. However, it doesn’t mean that matte lipsticks are total goners. You can have both on your kit and use each one in different occasions.

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