Best Seller Translucent Powder October 2019

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There’s no best powder for baking makeup than the translucent one. This cosmetic product – which makes chocoholics go gaga– is a powder used to finish or set makeup. It prevents the makeup from creasing and looking too cakey. Even Kim Kardashian’s stylist is using this which is one thing that causes the demand for this face powder.

But what does translucent powder do? Makeup “baking” or “cooking” has been a thing for the past years and was even more popularized by fashion icons and celebrities. You apply the translucent powder, let it sit on your face for at least 5 minutes, then dust it off with the same brush you used for the application. The result is a naturally flawless finish – no cakey look or creases. It can be used as a foundation or setting the finished makeup style.

So are you looking for the best translucent powder for dry skin? Here are four of the best finds:

Coty Airspun Tone Face Translucent Powder

Coty Airspun Tone Face Translucent Powder

You don’t need to know how to bake with Airspun just to try this bestselling powder. This helps minimize wrinkles, blemishes, acne, and bumps on your face that can be used as a setting powder or a finishing layer.

Using a wedge sponge, apply the Airspun powder to your face, especially with areas where the wrinkles and blemishes are present. After that, let the powder sit for about 10 minutes. Dust it off and see the instant results. You can also apply this after finishing your makeup using a brush.

Take note that this translucent powder comes in six colours. Get one that matches your complexion and your usual makeup style. The great thing about Airspun is it suits almost all complexions, even dark ones. You don’t have to worry too much about the intensity of the colour since this will likely fade once you finish doing your makeup.

This product comes with a puffer so you no longer have to get one unless you’re using it as a finishing layer. With all this, I’m impressed that it has a very affordable price.

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Maybelline New York Fit Me, Translucent  Matte

Maybelline New York Fit Me Translucent  Matte

The translucent powder Maybelline has offers a matte finish with an ultralight feel that suits those who have normal to oily skin. It helps hide pores – something that I badly need – while providing a natural tone. It comes in 16 shades which are a total treasure for those who want variety.  Each colour has different price tags, but relatively cheap even for those who are a bit cash-strapped.

This translucent powder is a favourite among makeup enthusiasts due to its long hold that can last up to 12 hours. Another plus point is it doesn’t block the pores so you’re less likely to have breakouts and irritation.

It works as a setting powder, but don’t expect that it will provide the coverage similar to that of an actual foundation. Still, it will work its charm by keeping your face matte and oil-free the whole day. I guess that’s just the right bargain for baking with a natural finish.

Some users say that this gives Airspun a run for its money. Whether that is true or not, it’s by trying that you’ll find out.

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Dermablend Setting Translucent Powder

Dermablend Setting Translucent Powder

Here’s another great deal: 16 hours no-smudge, weightless feel, and fast baking. The Dermablend powder is micronized to help lock in makeup concealer and foundation. The result? Your face will creaseless and your makeup will last longer with few touch-ups needed.

This powder comes in four colours, but I recommend that you try the Original Translucent Powder if you’re working on a variety of makeup shades and styles. I must admit, this a bit expensive so I usually purchase the travel size bottle that’s less than half the price of the regular one.

Unlike other setting and finishing powders, you can bake this one for as fast as two minutes. Brush it off just like the typical translucent puffs and voila, you’re good to go with your styling.

What I love the most about this product is its non-comedogenic formula that’s tested to be allergy and irritation-free. Take note, though, that this is unscented. It’s not a big deal for me but it could be for some. There’s a little shimmer to it which is enough to give your face an added glow.

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NYX Professional Finishing Translucent Powder

NYX Professional Finishing Translucent Powder

If you want to slay that new look without hurting your pocket, you’ll never be disappointed with the NYX translucent powder. It helps to increase the hold of your foundation and it also prevents the concealer from creasing. The luminous powder will go a long way to give you a radiant and natural finish. Just use a little amount to avoid overdoing this product.

Since this is the usual, plain-coloured translucent powder, it can be used on almost every skin tone. I suggest that you apply this through patting instead of sideways brushing. It prevents the ugly white streaks and allows better blend-ability.

For some, it looks like a baby powder which will probably end you up asking “can I use baby powder on my face instead?” Baby powder can work as a finisher but not as a baking element. I’ve tried once and it vanished just as my face produced oil. The NYX powder lasts a long time and works better than regular baby powders. Besides, it’s very affordable and you can even ditch your pricey options with this one.

Anyway, this translucent powder doesn’t come with a puffer. You can use a brush or a separate wedge sponge.

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The best powder for baking makeup shouldn’t crease or ruin your look. Nice hold and a long-lasting effect are what you should look for. With these four products, I’m confident that you’ll find the one you like.

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