Top 10 Fashion Must-haves this 2020-21

Top 10 Fashion Item

Top 10 Fashion Item

Top 10 Fashion Item. Out with the old, and in with the new! In the past decade, people certainly challenged the bounds of creativity in fashion—cutting-edge designs, bold colours, different fashion styles, and different textures–the sky’s the limit! These fashion trends sure did make a statement. Top 10 Fashion Item This year, it’s time to put another mark in fashion by welcoming the new decade with these Top 10 Fashion Item Must-haves this 2020.


What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when talking about fashion? Why clothes of course! There’s always different sets of clothes for every occasion–casual, party, evening–you name it. With that said, here are our top 5 fashion picks for you to wear in each setting.

  1. 5. Action – Short Sleeved Tie Dress

1This soft, V-neck above-the-knee dress with a tie-up on the side is perfect for casual wear. Looking at this dress, this tie dress screams “relaxation and comfort”. Pair it up with a pretty sun hat and a tote bag, you’ve got yourself a minimal-chic look, perfect for a sunny outdoor hanging out with friends type of date. 

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  1. HOMEY – Chic 3/4 Sleeve Party Homecoming A-line Dress

2Top 10 Fashion Item. Who says a ¾ dress is out of style? This comfortable elegant fit and flare dress with zipper closure can be worn in so many occasions–wedding, formal party, business, church, and so on. It sure is made to impress with its simple design; oozing elegance and simplicity wherever you go. Pair it up with a simple gold necklace and a clutch bag, and you’re basically regality. 

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  1. Lovezesent – Bodycon with Sequin Tassel Sleeve Midi Dress

3Top 10 Fashion Item. Looking for a stylish party dress can be hard at times–you don’t wanna show too much, but of course, you cannot be too modest. This bodycon party dress is a perfect mix of sexy and daring, yet comfortable and easy to wear at the same time. This look is not only perfect for clubbing, but it can also be worn in evening, dinner, and wedding parties. Pair this up with gorgeous nude-coloured high heel shoes and a decorative necklace, and you’re sure to be the life of the party. 

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  1. Just Quella – Backless Bodycon Party Dress

4Top 10 Fashion Item. If you feel like the previous dress isn’t perfect enough for you, you could always go with a simple and clean backless bodycon dress from Just Quella. This dress is perfect for women who like to keep the colours to a minimum and yet let the styling speak for itself. Go for the dark-coloured dress if you wanna wear this at night, or a fun, light, cheery colour if you’re having a casual date. Either way, this dress is classy for young women who prefer to keep it simple, yet bold at the same time. 

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  1. MANGOPOP – Mock Neck/Turtleneck Long Sleeve Bodysuit 

5Top 10 Fashion Item. This bodysuit deserves its #1 spot in the clothing list because it’s just so versatile–you can keep pairing and pairing and it’ll still look chic, classic, and modern. Pair it with a dainty gold necklace, bell-bottom jeans, and a black chunky bootie and you’ve got yourself a look! Go slay that outfit, sister!

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  1. TOETOS – Chicago Chunky Heel Ankle Booties

6These pretty boots can be worn with almost anything and it can absolutely give off an edgy vibe to your whole outfit. Pair this up with a pant and you’ve got yourself an edgy-sophisticated look; with a dress, you can look grunge and chic–really, you have so many options. Isn’t that nice?

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  1. DREAM PAIRS – Low Stiletto Heel Pumps 

7This is such a classic pair that you should always keep in your shoe collection. A black pump is a staple for every look. You can wear it with pants and it can absolutely change your aura from a casual sporty girl to a lowkey classic supermodel. 

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  1. Top Moda – Ankle Strap High Heel Sandal

8A perfect sandal for a casual night out. Paired with a pretty sundress, you’d definitely give off a bubbly vibe. On the other hand, pair it with a party dress and you’d look like a stunner–with looks to kill men a mile away.

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  1. Adidas – Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes

9Adidas. A well-known brand in the world of sports–how can I not recommend this? This shoe hugs your foot like it’s a son hugging his military dad whom he misses so dearly-perfect for a casual run in the park (or maybe your local grocery store). You can absolutely wear this anywhere that includes long walks so as to not tire your feet. You’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

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  1. DADAWEN – T-Strap Platform Mid-Heel Square-toe Oxfords 

10Feel like a schoolgirl again, but this time with a bit of edge. These mid-heel square toe oxfords are certainly a new look. You should definitely be getting this 2020. Pair this up with a shirt and plaid skirt topped with a denim jacket and some jewelry and you have yourself a playful edgy look this 2020. 

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And that’s that! We hope we’ve set your creative cogs spinning to try these looks and, hopefully, keep them spinning enough for you to maybe experiment with some more creative fashion ideas this 2020. Keep slaying, sister!

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