Discover the Best Makeup Books for Beauty Enthusiasts

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What are the best makeup books for beginners?

Some of the best makeup books for beginners include “Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual,” “Face Forward” by Kevyn Aucoin, and “Makeup Masterclass” by Jemma Kidd. These books provide step-by-step tutorials, tips, and techniques to help beginners learn the basics of makeup application and enhance their skills.


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Makeup artistry is one amazing skill that lets you enhance the beauty of faces. A makeup artist, whether she is a beginner or a pro, treats a face like a canvas on which she displays her creativity and transforms it completely. Mastering the art of makeup requires practice as well as a lot of patience. It requires you to learn specific techniques that let you showcase your skills and talent in a professional way. You cannot possibly master makeup artistry by just having loads of makeup products. Many makeup enthusiasts hoard a lot of makeup but they forget about the most important thing that is going to help them a lot with polishing their creativity and skills- A makeup book. The Makeup Artist Handbook – by Gretchen Davis and Mindy Hall is a must-have for any aspiring makeup artist. This comprehensive guide covers the basics of building a professional makeup kit and provides step-by-step instructions for creating a variety of looks for different mediums.

Makeup Books

A makeup book contains all the contents required for mastering the art of makeup. It is a complete guide for everybody who wants to pursue their career in the beauty industry. If you are an aspiring makeup artist, you definitely need a makeup book in your life. A makeup book will not only educate you about the techniques but also about the different makeup products that work the best. Therefore, sometimes, it is better to open a makeup book than to watch a tutorial video in order to educate yourself and polish your skills!

We have reviewed the top 10 Best Makeup Books below for you to choose from in order to have the perfect makeup artistry skills.

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This book makes it to the top of our list of best makeup books as it is equally helpful for beginners as well as pros as it contains the basic techniques used to apply makeup and a guide to create different types of looks.

This book is written by Kevyn Aucoin, a professional makeup artist and author back in the 90’s. He had in him the ability to bring out effortless beauty in any face as he was against the excessive use of makeup. In his book, he has mentioned professional techniques to use to alter face shapes and features in a very easy way. His book is also going to help you with the way you have to take care of your skin in order to achieve the perfect canvas for applying makeup, step-by-step instructions for achieving looks such as smokey eyes and bold lips, and how to achieve various complexion finishes on your skin. Additionally, this book outlines the basics of makeup application and techniques that truly stand the test of time. “Face Forward” by Kevyn Aucoin, another top makeup artist, is a great read.

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This book also contains many non-celebrity as well as celebrity photographs that let you see how magical Kevyn Aucoin’s hands were with makeup. Celebrities like Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman are drawn as dramatic characters for a play at the end to keep things interesting as well as informative.

All in all, Kevyn Aucoin’s masterpiece about different makeup techniques is definitely going to help you with polishing your skills and will bring out a makeup artist hidden in you.

Have You Tried Makeup Manual?


Bobbi Brown is a makeup brand that is loved by women all around the World because of its excellent quality as well as its unique concept. Moreover. Bobbi herself believes in the individual beauty every woman possesses and works to enhance that beauty with her prestige make-up line.

Now, the Bobbi Brown makeup manual is an excellent choice amongst the top five beauty bibles found all around the World for women. The reason why most women swear by it is because it has simplified the techniques used for makeup application and is perfect for beginners. She has also showcased a lot of women of color, including different skin tones, in the photographs section which is definitely a helpful guide for black women. If you can’t get that, then try Richard Corson :). Simple. There is not a single professional make up artist alive that doesn’t have the “Stage Makeup” book by Richard Corson on their shelf. It’s dry and lots of it is horrible, but there is some good stuff in there.

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The book contains photographs that show step-by-step directions for makeup application, including eye makeup. It includes easy to follow photographs that beginners can benefit from. In addition, it guides you in finding the right color and type of foundation for your skin tone. It also provides guidance on the right way to apply eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, lipstick, and different makeup looks to create drama as well as mild makeup looks.

Other than makeup, Bobbi has designated a section in this book for body skincare routine. This is what makes it different from the rest of the books. A section of the book portrays how makeup stylists go about their day, creating magic with their hands every day. Overall, this book is something you can always count on when you are curious about makeup artistry and skincare basics routine for common skin conditions.

Makeup Book For Facepaint Anyone?


This book takes us back to when makeup was first discovered. It tells us the history of makeup and how Egyptians used it as a form of art. It then continues educating us on how makeup was used in different eras like the Classic era and Victorian era till the golden era of Hollywood. This fascinating book explores the evolution of makeup throughout history, from ancient Egyptian kohl to the cosmetics of present day, highlighting the enduring allure of classic beauty.

Lisa Eldridge is one of the most influential and experienced makeup artist to be working in the makeup industry. She has worked with some of the biggest stars as well as famous publications like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She has accumulated her research and experience of years into her book that portrays different tips, tricks and techniques on how to do flawless makeup.

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This book is very colorful and divided into different colored sections. The photographs in this book portray a very clear understanding of beautiful and influential women of different eras. This book is more of a makeup history book than a book that explains the dynamics of putting makeup on.

If you are looking for a book that explains the history of makeup and its art then this book by Lisa Eldridge is perfect for you.


This unique book written by Katie Middleton is all about color and color theories. If you are someone who is interested in learning the dynamics of colors and how they work on faces, you need this book in your life right now!

It explains how to categorize and use colors with different colors. As a special effects make-up artist for the television and film, Katie Middleton has beautifully explained how to use different colors to bring out natural looking special effects.

She has shown the difference between different undertones and has given o undertones are matched with different colors that are suitable for each undertone. In this way, the colors that are used in makeup for different people are perfectly complimenting their complexions.

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The special effects section of this book explains why we look sick, bleed and have bruises and how to create them using makeup. It also shows how to mix and blend different colors in order to create different looks.

Other than colors, this book is also a very helpful guide for understanding the effect of light on makeup and how to properly light up the studio for applying makeup and gaining flawless results. This book is perfect for those of you who want to understand the colour relationship and special effects makeup art better.


Lisa Potter Dixon works as a head makeup-artist at the famous Benefit cosmetics and is a true beauty guru. This book, THE MAKE-UP MANUAL BY LISA POTTER DIXON, is a comprehensive guide that provides answers to all your beauty questions. She wrote this book with her years of expertise with applying makeup, focusing on the application of makeup according to one’s facial features. It also promotes learning of trendy as well as minimalist makeup looks.

This book is extremely useful for beginners as everything is simplified and is explained using easy-to-follow photographs. The steps make it really easy to learn everything quickly and precisely. A portion of this book contains beautiful and colourful photographs that are just too cute!

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It also contains some practical advice and tips and tricks about the right way to apply makeup to lift the features in a natural way. A portion of this book is also designated to skin care, which is extremely helpful for women who are skincare enthusiasts. Overall, this book is the ultimate guide for beginners that is going to pave the ways towards being a professional makeup artist. Caroline Hirons’ straight-talking approach to beauty on social media has won her legions of fans.

Best Makeup Artists


Francois Nars- the name behind one of the leading makeup brands has introduced his book on how to do makeup flawlessly yet keeping it natural. Being an influential photographer as well as makeup artist, Francois Nars introduced his own makeup line, and women all around the World are crazy about it. He has an experience of over thirty years in the makeup industry and introduced his way of doing makeup in his book.

The book is a little expensive. However, when we see that the magnificent Nars himself is teaching his ways, we are all head over heels for it. This book shows how is work as a makeup artist and a photographer is connected. He displays his amazing work as well as lets us know about the intimate details of his personal life in this book.

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This book teaches his own bold and luxurious ways to do stage makeup. It also showcases his amazing skills in the form of some photographs from the Vogue covers. It also includes his portfolios as well as his invention of new trends. This book is a complete package for women who are into glamour and high fashion life.


This book by two of the most influential makeup artists teaches the best ways to do makeup for films and television. Both of these beauty gurus have worked for movies like Steve Jobs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Star Trek.

The book contains some techniques on how to do makeup for films and commercials and is very helpful for aspiring theatre makeup artists. With the help of photographs, you can easily get the guide . The photographs explain vividly how theatre makeup artists work.

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Airbrushed makeup technique is also explained beautifully in this book. Other than makeup, the importance of black and white photography is also explained in this book. This book is very helpful for anyone who wants to polish their skills as a theatre makeup artist and explains some of the tips and tricks on how to work on set. If you are an aspiring theatre makeup artists then you definitely need this book in your life.

Timeless Looks From Makeup Books


Louise Young and Loulia Sheppard are two famous names in the film industry, having an experience of over 35 years. They have created a unique book that shows the unmatchable beauty of the women of the golden era. This book basically teaches how to recreate some of the most inspiring looks from the past 100 years.

The looks of beauty icons like Audrey Hepburns, Clara Bow, Grace Kelly, Gene Tierny, Sophia Loren, Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, Kate Moss, and Elizabeth Taylor are in this book. It explains how women of the past used to achieve perfect looking eyes and lips using some of the makeup techniques that are still in vogue today.

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As a professional hairstylist, Loulia sheppard has showcased her amazing skills to recreate some of the stunning hairstyles from the past and showed us the tricks to create them easily. It includes the step by step guide to follow the setting patterns used to create these hairstyles. The makeup section tells about the colors that were used abundantly in the past to achieve certain looks. The photographs of the models used for this book are stunning.

All in all, this book is perfect for those who like to incorporate vintage styles in modern trends to create unique makeup looks as well as hairstyles.


Many makeup artists use face charts to practice and polish their makeup skills. This book provides different face charts to practice makeup on and saves a lot of time. There are three sections of this book. Asian, Almond eye, and Male to practice on.

There are 48 charts with three different styles. Each chart comes with or without brows. It gives you the choice of drawing your own brows or sticking to the already drawn brows to work on. It also gives 50 extra charts to practice your skills along with 15 bonus charts from the other books of the same collection.

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Other than face charts, this book includes some very useful tips and tricks about drawing eyebrows, eyes, and lips according to your own facial features. It also guides how to achieve that perfect bronzed look along with highlighted face points. You can also create your own makeup portfolio using the guide. This book is the best choice for beginners.


This book is a guide about how to apply makeup specific to your own facial features. It puts forward the theory that watching tutorials of people applying makeup on their faces is not really helpful when it comes to actually applying makeup on your own face. According to the author, it is important to study your own facial features and use makeup to highlight your features in order to achieve the perfect makeup look.

The book includes a helpful guide that makes you understand and discover your skin tone, undertone, the shape of your eyes, brows, lips and forehead. By knowing the shape of your features, you would be able to highlight the right parts of your face, making it look radiant and flawless.

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This book also provides expert advice on how to shop smarter and choose the best seller stuff that you need according to your budget. It will help you to learn about the ingredients that suit your skin type and will be beneficial in the long run for your skin. It is the perfect little book for makeup novices that will polish your skills and educate you about makeup in a very easy manner.

Working in the beauty industry indeed requires a lot of hard work and demands your skills if you want to survive out there in the industry. It is important for every woman or man who wants to be a professional makeup artist to polish their skills in order to achieve their dream as a makeup artist. It is only possible if you educate yourself enough about the dynamics of makeup.

Wrapping it up

Makeup books are indeed the best way of learning the techniques. These techniques required me to become a professional makeup artist. Every makeup book consists of useful tips from the experts. And how to play with makeup and let out your inner artist to create magic with your fingers. Our list of best makeup books is definitely going to help you. With all your makeup queries and pave your way to becoming an amazing makeup artist!