CASUAL FASHION TRENDS 2021. Being casual with your attire means looking comfortable yet cute and chic. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we all are stuck at home in our pyjamas and are kind of used to being comfortable in them. It will not be easy to adjust to the everyday formal clothes that we wear to work or when we are out with friends once this pandemic is over. So, why don’t we opt for casual outfits that will make us look cute and chic as well as comfortable?

The year 2021 is going to be all about casual and comfortable clothing with a pop of bold and bright colours. While we are stuck at home, we see many fashion brands and even fashion runways display casual and cute clothes for both men and women that are not only quite comfortable but also smart and flattering. You do not have to be extra and formal about your outfits or accessories to look attractive and stylish.

Casual clothes are definitely going to make you look the same but with the advantage of being cozy and comfortable.

Whether you have to go to work, to some party, or even to a date with your partner, we have mentioned casual fashion trends of 2021 that are going to help with choosing your attire and look stunning. Read on to know about the casual fashion trends of the year 2021.


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Tracksuits are the most comfortable pieces of clothing and we usually wear them to our morning walk or jog. However, we have seen many celebrities like The Kardashians rocking the tracksuits as if they are modelling on the runway. It is a given that the tracksuit trend is coming back.

casual fashion trends of 2021. This trend is adjacent to feeling comfortable wherever you go without the need to follow a specific social dress code. It makes you look strong as you do not feel the need to follow what the other people are wearing to social gatherings and flex your appearance by being cozy yet chic.

There are countless ways you can rock a tracksuit. You can choose a monochromatic tone for a tracksuit and it would look amazing. You can also wear a two-toned tracksuit with contrasting colours and it will be acceptable. Many fashion brands have launched tracksuits in some of the boldest colours like hot pink and neon green. They do not just have to be black and grey.

The fun part is that wearing tracksuits with bold colours is going to make you look quite stylish and not lazy at all. By pairing this outfit with a gold chain, a handbag, or even a cap, you are going to look all fashionable and funky.


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Casual fashion trends of 2021. While tight-fitting shirts display the contours and curves of your body, oversized shirts and hoodies display your adorable side. There was a time when oversized shirts and hoodies were despised and were considered unfashionable. Tight-fitting clothes were always in trend back then. But this trend has changed considerably now. Oversized shirts are very popular in the fashion community and all high-end fashion brands are creating these shirts and hoodies in different styles.

The oversized shirts and hoodies that were considered outdated are now loved by everyone. From baggy and oversized shirts to oversized hoodies, we see many celebrities rocking them. We saw Billie Eilish wearing baggy shirts and loved it. We saw Ariana Grande rocking the oversized and were completely swayed by how adorable she looked in them.


Casual fashion trends of 2021. This new trend is a combination of chic and comfy at the same time. The good thing is that it does not reveal a lot of skin, making you feel even comfier. You might feel like it is very easy to rock this look. However, you might end up looking like you are wearing your brother’s shirt or hoodie if you end up getting the wrong style for an oversized shirt or hoodie.

To get a perfect size that is not too oversized for your torso, you’d have to try on some styles and see what works best for you and suits your body shape. Also, it is important for you to need to keep a balance between your oversized shirt and your bottom if you do not want to look funny. Make sure the jeans or bottom you choose to wear is not too oversized nor too tight. Go for a shirt or hoodie that feels comfortable yet chic while wearing and rock this comfy new trend.


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Casual fashion trends of 2021. Boot cut jeans originally became popular in the 70s and now they are making a comeback again. Unlike tight-fitted jeans, the boot cut jeans are tight from the top and create a flare at the bottom. This flattering style makes these kinds of jeans very unique and chic.

The boot cut jeans give off hobo and disco vibe and make your legs look amazing when you are wearing them. Being unpopular once, these jeans are all the rage now. Many fashion brands have introduced a variety of high-waisted boot-cut jeans and we can see countless models wearing them on the runway.

There are many ways you can look amazing wearing boot-cut jeans. You can choose from high-waisted skinny boot cuts, full-length bootcut, flared bootcut, or ankle-length boot cuts. All these categories of bootcut jeans look extremely cool and can be paired up with heels to make them look even cooler. You can skip the heels part if you like being comfier. The good thing is that the current boot cut jeans trend is deviating from the slick denim to more flared and comfier. Pair it up with a simple white shirt, heels or boots, and a denim jacket and you are good to go.


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Faux fur is a great and eco-friendly alternative for the real fur and is loved by environmentalists all around the World. Many celebrities and high-fashion enthusiasts are ditching animal fur and saying no to animal cruelty. The faux fur trend can be seen everywhere from the runways to the street style.

From monochromatic to animal prints, faux fur looks extremely stylish during winters. Solid colour faux fur is the easiest to work with as it can be paired easily with another solid colour. Pastel coloured faux fur coats look extremely aesthetic and adorable. Faux fur gives a sense of luxury while being cheap at the same time.

We have seen many celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid rocking faux fur. Many celebrities even went a little overboard with this trend wearing extremely big faux fur coats. The stuff that felt like a literally stuffed toy is now loved by celebrities. A faux fur coat can be paired up with a pair of jeans, chunky boots and a handbag. It will give you a sense of coziness in extreme winters while making you look fashionable. Most importantly, it is free from animal cruelty which is a great step taken by fashion brands all around the World.


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If you love looking feminine then a sundress is definitely going to help you with this. Sundresses never go out of trend. They are basically summer staples of women of almost every age and look extremely adorable and comfortable.

Made up of breathable and light fabric, a summer dress proves to be a lifesaver in the summer heat. There are tonnes of prints and styles for a sundress and you can wear it to almost every event you want. The airy fabric of a sundress lets your skin breathe and makes you feel comfortable during the summer heat. Floral sundresses are loved the most because of their feminine feel and beautiful colours.

Striped sundresses look chic and can be worn to a party if you want to look stylish as well as feel comfortable.
While sleeveless sundresses are loved the most. They are being made with some of the most adorable puffed and frilled sleeves. Whether they are made up of cotton, silk or any other fabric. Sleeves add a sense of beauty to these sundresses. Sleeveless sundresses are also very easy to layer. Therefore, they can be worn in other seasons as well. This evergreen trend is never going to get old


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We all know how painful it can be to wear high heels all day long but we cannot really ditch them. Heels are a necessary part of every short woman’s life that makes them look taller and boost their self-confidence. However, high pencil-heels tend to tire feet out very soon.

Block heels are latest in trend and are loved by almost every woman on this planet. Such heels not only give you a sense of comfort but also make you look classy. We can see them in the form of peep toes, sandals, stilettos, and even boots. You do not have to worry about your feet getting sore with these heels no matter how high you wear them. They create a perfect balance between comfort and style.

As far as the colours and prints for such heels are concerned, there are endless varieties. From animal prints to solid colours, block heels are going to make you look all trendy wherever you wear them.


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Belts are considered to be an accessory that is totally going to change the look of your entire outfit by just being there. We have seen belts of all sorts on the fashion shows from plain to textured and embellished. Thick or thin, you can never go wrong with the size of a belt.

Belts are one of the biggest and hottest new trends of the year 2021. From Gucci to Versace, every fashion brand is manufacturing high-quality belts that can be paired up with any kind of outfit.  You can find different kinds of belt at almost every clothing store that are not even expensive. Chan and rope belts are also in trend and look extremely stylish. Wearing a belt will definitely make your body look like a literal hourglass.

You can wear a belt with any kind of dress you like. Is your outfit feeling a little loose? Wear a belt. Is your outfit feeling a little too casual and bland? Wear a belt. Want to look gorgeous? Wear a belt. It will definitely add beauty to whatever kind of outfit you are wearing.


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We have noticed that sunglasses are shifting slightly from being classes to being funky and sleek. The trend of wearing sunglasses is evergreen but their designs change every time with the new season. From bold and big sunglasses to sleek and slim ones, the fashion industry is head over heels with such designs.

Oversized glasses are one such example of the new sunglasses trend. The basically frame most part of the face and look very bold and intimidating. These sunglasses not only make your face look smaller but also make you look extremely stylish. Contrary to the oversized sunglasses, we also see elongated and sleek sunglasses that look very chic. There are many shapes for such glasses out there and they look very unique and sleek.

Cat-eye sunglasses are the most fun part of this new trend of funky sunglasses and are extremely flattering. There are a variety of fun colours for funky sunglasses and are not really confined to black or brown now. Some of the colours that we absolutely adore for sunglasses are pink, purple, yellow and red. There are many different options in sunglasses with frames as well. The colour of the frames has changed considerably and is available in almost every shade now. Their shapes have also changed, making them look funky and flattering.


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We see vintage stuff having a unique charm of its own. Having timeless beauty and elegance, vintage things possess beautiful qualities. Many women are now obsessed with collected vintage jewelry to add beauty to their outfits and to look precious. The vintage jewelry trend is making a comeback and we are definitely loving the idea of it.

Jewelry brands are creating brand new pieces of jewelry that look like they are old and inspired by jewelry. The way they have imitated the style of old jewelry which is quite impressive. From geometric forms to drop chains, these vintage-inspired jewelry pieces look very sophisticated and classic. These gold and silver statement jewelry pieces are going to enhance the elegance of any outfit you wear.

We have seen a lot of changes in the classic bracelets as well. They have shifted from sleek to chunky and geometric that look extremely stylish while wearing. Large hoops are also very popular among women these days. They are available in different shapes, designs, colours, and materials to cater to everyone’s needs. Pearls are also in trend and look extremely elegant with any kind of outfit. All in all, vintage jewelry pieces are one of the most famous trends of 2021


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Bohemian fashion refers to hippie fashion that deviates from the norm with classic and retro prints, strong colours and airy fabrics. The bohemian-inspired outfits are comfy, chic and look effortlessly stylish and trendy. 2021 is all about bohemian fashion and we do not mind at all.

It was all the rage back in the 70s and now we are seeing it again on the runways and in the streets as well. Most of the bohemian outfits are loose with relaxed, half-length sleeves and V necklines. These outfits feel very light and are breathable while being stylish as well. The colours are mostly earthy with abstract prints covering all of the fabric.

The most interesting part of bohemian-inspired fashion is its shoes and accessories. The gladiator styled shoes with a lot of laces and embroidered boots look extremely unique. Ethnic embroidery can also be seen on the bags that are associated with the boho fashion. The jewelry has different stones embedded like turquoise or ruby that look very precious. Bohemian fashion represents the different cultures fused together and is spreading all around the World.


Fashion trends are constantly changing with the passage of time and we see the transition with every new fashion runway show or even on the streets around us. The year 2021 is going to be the year of unique new fashion trends that are all about experimenting with colours, styles and prints. With the fusion of comfort and style, casual outfits and accessories are going to be in trend.

Women are not afraid to experiment with bold and bright colours now that makes them look even more confident and fashionable. By now, you must have an idea of what the fashion trends are going to be like for the year 2021. We urge you to try out these new fashion trends and slay like a Queen!