Interior design trends 2021

Interior design trends 2021

Interior design trends 2021

Interior design trends 2021. Designing your living space into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home is a fun task and requires you to be creative as well as patient with it. A home is not home without proper decoration, nice furniture, and soothing lighting system. It is just an ordinary living space without all these things. Good interior design can make a small living space quite spacious and the lack of it can turn a big one into small and cramped.

Professionally designed houses meet the requirements of the owners and fit right according to their tastes and preferences. The importance of proper interior designing lies in the way it treats even the smallest details and brings the best out of them. The interior designing trends have considerably changed now.  The interior of a living space creates a healthy balance between aesthetics and comfort. A modern house showcases just the right amount of grandioseness as well as simplicity which makes it all the more elegant.

For the year 2021, we have some great interior design trends for you that are going to turn your home to a dream home. These trends are very versatile and will keep you hooked to them. Keep on reading to learn more about some of the interior design trends for the year 2021


Interior design trends 2021. The year 2021 is all about bold and warm colours and when it comes to wallpapers for the walls of our home, we are definitely making use of bold colours. We also see tapestry inspired, 3D, and even geometric wallpapers that are going to be all the rage this year. There are endless possibilities for prints and designs when it comes to wallpapers.

The use of wallpapers is inexpensive when it comes to long term use and is easier to maintain. Paint usually gets dull and even starts coming off with the passage of time. However, this is not the case with wallpapers. They do not get dirty easily and are very long-lasting. Below are the few examples of some wallpaper trends that are going to look great on the walls of your homes.

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Floral wallpapers never go out of style. They are going to keep being in trend for the year 2021 as well. Floral wallpapers look extremely delicate and elegant on the walls of any room of the house. Many wallpapers have pastel-coloured classic floral prints and they look very charming. Floral wallpapers look perfect in a girl’s room with their pink tones. Most of these wallpapers are even hand-painted, making them all the more precious. Such wallpapers lift up the mood of people when they look at them and make them feel all warm inside.

Apart from classic floral designs, bold botanical and tropical prints are also in trend. The colours for such wallpapers are bright and bold green and earthy tones. With huge leaves made of bright and bold colours, such wallpapers look amazing in the living room or any other room of the house. They give off a vibe of the freshness of nature to one’s senses while being inside the house. Creating a statement wall in the living room using botanical wallpapers is a great idea.

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Geometric patterns for wallpapers are usually monochromatic with dark colours. The symmetry of geometric wallpapers is quite satisfying and it actually soothes the senses just like natural and floral wallpapers. You can choose bold or subtle patterns with geometric wallpapers according to your tastes and needs.

The best way to incorporate geometric wallpapers into your home is to make a statement wall with the geometric wallpaper on it. A statement wall with a geometric wallpaper looks very exquisite and adds to the beauty of the space where it can be seen. Geometric wallpapers with soft colours also look great in the offices and create an environment of peace and calm. It also creates an environment of creativity, energizing you to do your work well, in a polished environment.

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3D wallpapers look quite realistic and extremely attractive while being a part of any interior. Their realistic charm is what makes them different from all other kinds of wallpapers. They provide a wide range of designs and patterns from geometric patterns to nature.

These wallpapers have a certain depth to them and create an illusion of an extension of the room. 3D wallpapers look great as accent walls. It is not necessary to cover all the walls with the 3D wallpapers. For the bedroom, it is better for you to have soothing colours in your 3D wallpaper as it will help you sleep well. More realistic images on the wallpaper for the bedroom are not a good option as our brain cannot perceive such images properly and we feel dizzy by staring at them for longer periods of time. Therefore, we recommend you to create a statement wall behind your bed in the bedroom.

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Striped wallpapers are neutral to gender and can be used in any room of the house. They make the walls look less boring and interesting. Stripes make the walls look fun and trendy.

Colourful stripes with a contrast of dark and neutral tones look perfect in any interior and make your walls look fun. They look simple and funky at the same time. Their versatile designs allow you to incorporate them anywhere you want in your house. They can be horizontal or vertical or thin or thick, all according to your preference. Stripes can also give an illusion of a bigger room because of their patterns. Therefore, if you have a small room, you can easily make it look spacious by adding striped wallpapers.

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Rose gold colour gives an instant touch of luxury to any space it is a part of. Rosi gold wallpapers are extremely trendy these days and will not go out of trend anytime soon. This colour will look amazing being a part of your fancy drawing room and will perfectly complement your furniture and other decor accessories.

The rose gold colour can be incorporated into your wallpaper in many ways. It can be used with a little shine and glitter or matte according to your space and preference. The metallic finish for a wallpaper showcases luxury and looks great in a fancy drawing room or living room.

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The ‘60s were marked by the use of curvy shapes for furniture and other accessories used for home décor. The use of curvy shapes for home décor is again rising up and is one of the hottest trends right now.

Curvy shaped furniture is all the rage these days. From sofas to coffee tables, people like it curvy. The non-symmetrical shapes look extremely flattering and turn your living space into a modern space. Apart from curved shapes, round furniture and accessories are also in trend and look very inviting. There are endless possibilities of how you can decorate your interior using curvy furniture and accessories.

Let’s be honest here. A round or curvy table looks more flattering and dramatic than a boring square table with edges. Round or curved furniture can instantly change the look of your interior and convert it into a more comfortable and fun living space. We also see round rugs or lamps that look very comforting and attractive. These flattering shapes look timeless and have a charm of their own. Now, people are ditching sharp-edged furniture for more rounded or curved ones to add beauty to their interior.


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Having a built-in seat near your window or in some reading space is going to be one of the coziest trends for the year 2021. Built-in seats add a touch of comfort to any interior and is an excellent way to save space.

This kind of seating arrangement looks very flattering especially in the living room or the bedroom near the window. It allows you to enjoy the view outside your house as you sit comfortably on it. You can even read a book with a cup of tea while sitting on the built-in seat. For minimalists, it is a great option to incorporate into their living spaces.

Dining areas can also be made spacious by adding built-in seats. These seats can be padded to make even more comfortable than they originally are. A house with enough seating arrangements look very comfortable and inviting. Therefore, we are going to see a lot of built-in seating trend in the year 2021.


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Wood panelling trend goes back to the ’60s when we are reminded of our grandparent’s house. However, this trend is back and going to have its moment again for the year 2021.

We can see wood panelling making a comeback in very chic ways. It is not your ordinary wood panelling anymore. These days, we see rooms covered from ceiling to floor with wood panelling. Shelves are blended seamlessly into the walls, making them look extremely flattering and attractive. From light oak wood to timber, all kinds of wood panelling are being used in homes to make them look trendy.

The wood panelling can be paired up with various antique wood accents to make it look even more precious. Thin striped wood panelling makes the interior more geometric and symmetric and creates a sense of satisfaction. The wood panelling can be incorporated into your living spaces in little portions if this is what goes with your taste. It is absolutely not necessary to cover the whole room in wood panelling.

For keeping things light and fresh, always use light-coloured wood panelling coupled with lots of windows. This will make your room look bright, airy and fresh. Dark colours often make rooms cramped. Therefore, use light-coloured wood panelling to create an illusion of a spacious room.


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Our kitchen is one space that absolutely shows our tastes and interests. Most importantly, the kitchen is no longer a place designated only for cooking purposes. These days, most of us like to spend time in the kitchen be it talking to our family, making plans or just creating memories. Therefore, the concept of bar stools seems very convenient and flattering.

Bar stools are going to be in trend for the year 2021. The barstools coupled with a counter are bound to bring your family together. It is a great space for having breakfast when you are on the go. They come in various shapes, styles, and colours. Metallic ones go well with any kind of interior. With a hint of gold, these barstools enhance the beauty of your kitchen and add glamour to it. They definitely attract visitors and they cannot help but praise your kitchen.

You can also add a pop of colour to your neutral-toned kitchen by adding vibrant and bright coloured bar stools. Colourful bar stools never seem out of place and always make your kitchen look more inviting.


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We have always seen separate gardens or lawns for more houses. However, the concept of indoor gardening is very interesting and new. Many people have started to grow mini plants and succulents inside their homes. The indoor gardening trend is extremely popular these days.

People also prefer to grow some vegetables and herbs in their indoor gardens and consume them as well. The kitchen is the place where such mini vegetable gardens are grown. Growing vegetables and then harvesting them creates a feeling of happiness and satisfaction amongst people. These herbs and vegetables require little care and maintenance. These vegetables and herbs do not demand a lot of care. Just a little amount of water, light, and air is required for them to grow beautifully. Growing vegetables inside your kitchen and always keeps them on hand. There are many units that serve as an indoor garden for vegetables and herbs that control the amount of light and water for them. They look like mini-refrigerators and keep the vegetables fresh at all times. Therefore, it does not matter if you have a green thumb or not. You can always have one like this.

People have designated specific spaces inside their homes for indoor plants and their popularity is rising amongst them. Indoor plants tend to enhance mod and keep the indoors fresh at all times. Low maintenance indoor plants are very easy to keep and maintain and they do not require a lot of water, light, or air. Only a little amount of water, air, and light is enough for them to sustain. They look extremely flattering inside the houses and even have cooling effects. Indoor plants are a great way to purify the air inside homes.


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From tiles to rugs, we are going to see a rise in the popularity of animal plants for house decors. Animal prints look very eye-catching and attractive being a part of any interior.

Animal prints like cheetah print or zebra print look great on the wall of the bathroom. They can be used in statement walls or accent walls to keep things flattering and light.   Apart from bathroom walls, animal printed vessels and basins also look very attractive. Snake print is the best possible option for a vanity. It will give a modern and trendy look to your vanity, coupled with a golden light above.

You can also add multiple animal printed accessories to your anterior, creating a theme for every room. These accessories can be frames, tiles, vessels, dustbins, wall clocks, chairs or even counter-tops. There are endless possibilities of how you can incorporate animal prints into your living space.

Animal printed rugs add a sense of coziness and warmth to any place they are part of. Creating a perfect balance between trendy and cozy, animal prints should definitely be a part of every house. Another idea is to match the rug with the fireplace. It will look extremely attractive and eyecatching.


The beauty and functionality of a home lie in the designing of even the smallest details. Interior designing plays a vital role in our lives as it enhances the mood if done right. It keeps our homes mess-free and enhances the appearance of it. The interior designers communicate with the house owners and create everything according to their tastes and preferences. They also give recommendations about how one thing will look great in a certain living space. They also make sure that the living space they are creating is safe and comfortable for their clients.

The interior design trends for 2021 are quite versatile and we love how creative they are. It is important to keep up with the latest trends in order to create stylish yet comfortable living spaces. I hope you have an idea of some of the most interesting interior design trends for the year 2021 for your home to look chic and comfy by going through our list of interior design trends.