Ariana Grande Perfume Review – The Top 8 List


ARIANA GRANDE PERFUMES Review. Grande is a famous name amongst Hollywood pop stars that have made their way to the top because of their matchless talent. Whenever we hear her name, we are reminded of a sweet and soothing voice that pierces through our souls and makes us sway. Her voice is not the only thing that makes us sway, her innocent looks also add to it. This is why Ariana Grande has fans all around the World that adore her so much. The Ariana grande makeup look is very famous too.


The famous star started her career in theatre as a Broadway artist. After that, she hit the jackpot and started working on a Nickelodeon show ‘Victorious’ which made her extremely famous among the young generation. She reinvented herself as a solo singer and songwriter and became a huge pop artist. She started wearing her hair in a half-ponytail and her hairstyle became iconic. Women started wearing their hair like Ariana Grande and started to follow her. Her fandom grew immensely and everybody wanted to be like her because of her beauty and charm. This is the ultimate Ariana Grande perfume review and the Ariana grande makeup look 


After reaching the peak of her career as a famous pop star, Ariana Grande launched her perfume brand in 2015 that gained immense popularity. Naturally, Ariana Grande’s fans would love to smell like her. Therefore, her perfumes gained a lot of attention from her fans and they were a huge success. Her collection includes 7 long-lasting perfumes; Ari, Cloud, Frankie, Moonlight, Sweet Like Candy, Sweet like Candy Limited Edition, and Thank U, Next. Now, her perfumes are specifically created for women with sweet and feminine scents. Her perfume range includes only one perfume that is unisex and can be used by both males and females. Her perfumes won many awards and stand prestigious among other perfume brands. Let us enlighten you about how her perfumes smell like and which one you should buy according to your taste

    1. ARI

Ari is the first perfume that was launched by Ariana Grande in 2015 and took everyone by storm. Her fans went crazy when she first launched it because it was obvious that she put her heart into creating it. Her fans went haywire after they got to know that the scent she introduced was her scent. After all, who does not want to smell like Ariana Grande?

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The box of this perfume is simple yet chic. It comes in a square box with Ariana Grande’s pictures at the front and the back. At the top of the box, you can find Ariana’s signature with a cute little heart. You can find the perfume bottle inside the box.  The bottle of the perfume is extremely cute and elegant, It is a pink-colored crystal bottle with a white .om-pom ball attached to it. The pom-pom ball is a keychain and can be detached from the bottle. The neck of the perfume has her name embedded in it. The atomizer of the bottle is also very efficient in spraying the perfume.


Now, coming to how the perfume smells like. It perfectly balances the sweetness and does not overdo it like most of the perfumes do. There is a prominent smell of marshmallows in it which smells enticing. This perfume uses the notes of raspberry, lily, rose and vanilla orchid that adds the perfect sweetness to its composition. There is a perfect balance of these notes in the perfume and it does not take them to the extreme by keeping things light.

Ari by Ariana Grande is loved by younger women because its scent is very feminine and appealing. The perfume is very vibrant, youthful, and playful. It is quite affordable and very long-lasting. You can spray a little and it will go a long way for you, making you smell amazing throughout the day.

   2. CLOUD

This perfume was released in 2018 and is one of the unique perfumes out there. The idea behind creating this scent is very creative and unique. It smells amazing and attracts the younger female demographic.

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This perfume comes in very cool packaging. It comes in an incandescent box that reflects light and looks beautiful. Ariana’s picture is displayed at the back and a picture of a cloud at the front. The bottle inside the box has a very interesting and unique shape. Inside the box is the perfume which has a very interesting shape. The podium of the bottle is white and is shaped like a literal cloud. The bottle is round and has a cap that is shaped like a literal cloud. The cap of the bottle clicks firmly to its place. You can grab it by the cap and it won’t fall. The atomizer of the bottle is a little narrow and distributes the scent sparsely. Make sure to spray it on you from the distance to get just the right amount of product.


This perfume is going to make you smell like a literal dessert, having notes of whipped cream, vanilla, coconut, bergamot, praline, and peach. These notes make the scent very creamy and decadent, almost like a confectionary. For balancing out the sweetness, this perfume also uses notes of lavender. It gives a light floral vibe to the sweet scent of the perfume and creates a perfect balance between the two. Ariana grande makeup look is pretty much well done using this product.

This perfume has a very whimsical nuance to it and is very light-hearted as well. If you are a fan of sugary dessert and want to smell like one without smelling over-sugary, you need this perfume in your life.

        3. FRANKIE

Frankie was released in 2016 and was an original spin-off to the perfume Ari. It was a limited-edition perfume that was created for both males and females. Ariana named this perfume after her older-step brother whose name is Frank James Michael Grande. This perfume is a blend of both their personality and comes off as a very energizing, vibrant, and sweet scent.

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The packaging of the perfume is extremely pretty and chic. The color of the box is black and white with the bottle inside. The bottle looks just like the bottle of Ari but is silver and super-reflective. It has the same kind of geometric design like that of the original Ari. A black pom-pom ball is also attached to it which can also be used as a key-chan. The bottle is smaller than the original Ari, offering only 1.7 oz of the product as it is limited edition.


Being gender inclusive, this perfume has notes of pink pepper, pear, apricot, wild orchid, cedarwood and some hints of sandalwood musk and sugar crystals. All these notes make it a perfect perfume to be worn by both males and females. When it is first sprayed, it opens with a burst of pear and apricot which creates a very fruity scent. Once the pink pepper settles down, it gives a masculine feel to the scent. The fruity, as well as the sugary and spicy scent, is not over-powering at all.

It creates a perfect balance between the two. Once the perfume dries down, it starts giving off a woody scent because of the presence of cedarwood and sandalwood. This perfume smells similar to Ari but a few notes are changed to masculine ones and are very balanced. This perfume is quite warm and is perfect for you if you are not into super girly and sugary scents.

4. MOONLIGHT – Ariana Grande perfume review

Moonlight by Ariana Grande was launched in 2017 and carries the concept of positivity and confidence. This perfume was created in relationship to Ariana’s fans and it gives the message to be bold, positive in every way, and to be irresistible having all these qualities. It embodies Ariana’s cheerful personality and her bold and confident appearance on the stage. The concept of this perfume is very interesting as well as unique.

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The bottle comes in a lilac box with Ariana’s pictures at the front and the back. The color theme for this perfume is lilac. The bottle itself is made up of iridescent and holographic lilac glass that is multidimensional. The bottle looks just like Ari and Frankie that is a part of her perfume collection. The pom-pom attached to this bottle is lilac as the whole color theme for this perfume is lilac. It comes in a 100 ml bottle just like other perfumes from her collection.


This perfume has a sweet scent with some hints of floral scents. The notes for this perfume are black currants, plums, marshmallows, peony, sandalwood, black amber, and vanilla. All these notes combine to create a very sweet and feminine scent that is adored and loved by younger women. It balances out the sweet scent perfectly and does not make you smell overly sweet. The creamy vanilla and marshmallow balance each other out beautifully and make you smell amazing throughout the day.

Therefore, it’s one of the best Ariana Grande perfume review we have on our list.

5. SWEET LIKE CANDY – Ariana Grande perfume review

Sweet like candy came out right after the release of Frankie in 2016. The idea behind this fragrance release was being playful and having fun no matter where you are and no matter what you do. It also reflects how Ariana Grande is as a person.  This perfume was one of the best-selling perfumes when it came out initially. Its campaign was quite fun and when its advertisement clip came out, it took her fans by storm. It features her wearing her iconic hair and a cute dress. We can see coffee and desserts everywhere and it creates a sense of sweetness. When we see her spritzing herself with her new perfume, it becomes irresistible for us to not indulge in her brand-new product.

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This fragrance comes in a cute pink box with her quirky picture at the back. We can also see her signature on one side of the box with a cute little heart. We can find the bottle of the perfume inside the box. It comes in a bottle that is similar to her previous ones, her classic style. This time, the color theme for the bottle is powder pink that is also matte with a cute little pom-pom-ball at the side. The atomizer of the bottle is just like her other ones, spritzing enough perfume every time you use it.


The perfume smells very fruity and floral. It features notes like blackberry, bergamot, pear, jasmine, frangipani, honeysuckle, fluffy marshmallow, vanilla, cassis cream, and precious wood. This perfume is going to make you smell very sweet, just like candy, literally.

Moreover. the most prominent notes in this perfume are honeysuckle, vanilla, and frangipani that make it taste like sweet candy. This perfume does not go overboard with the sweetness like most of the perfumes do. It balances out the candy sweetness with the fruity smell, creating a very nice scent. If you are a fan of smelling sweet and leaving a trail behind you as you pass by people, this perfume is perfect for you. The best way to assert Ariana grande makeup look on others.

6. SWEET LIKE CANDY LIMITED EDITION – Ariana Grande perfume review

Just like how Ariana Grande released Frankie that was a limited edition for the original Ari scent, she released sweet like candy limited edition in early 2017. This idea behind this perfume was to smell ‘dangerously sweet’ all the time.

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The box of the perfume is similar to the original Sweet like Candy. This time, her picture is different from the original one. It is the same photo that was used for her alum ‘Dangerous Woman’ campaign. Moreover,  the bottle is only 1.7 oz, just like how it was for Frankie that was the original spin-off for Ari by Ariana Grande. The color theme for this limited-edition perfume is bright and spicy red that signifies danger. The pom-pom ball is also bright red and the bottle is matte overall.

The scent of this perfume is completely different from that of the original Sweet like Candy. Hence, it features notes like red berries, marshmallows, pear, Italian bergamot, amber, jasmine, cashmere wood, red frangipani, and honeysuckle. What makes this scent different from the original Sweet like Candy sent is the presence of red berries, amber, and cashmere which give the scent a brilliant twist. The scent of marshmallows in this limited edition one is very different from the original one which also overpowers the overall scent. This scent is perfect for those who are a fan of smelling ‘dangerously sweet’, literally.

A great product on the list of our favorite Ariana Grande perfume review

7. THANK U, NEXT – Ariana Grande perfume review

We all know how Ariana’s song ‘Thank you, Next’ destroyed the billboards because of how famous it got as soon as it was released. The song urges us to move forward from a break-up, lift ourselves and keep moving forward with our lives despite the heartbreak. She gave the same concept to the perfume she released and it is the newest addition to her collection of perfumes. This perfume was released in 2019 and quickly went out of stock because of its immense popularity. Some awesome Ariana grande makeup look can be portrayed using this product.

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The bottle comes in a very pretty pastel pink box. The shape of the bottle is unique. The bottle steers away from the classic bottles of her other perfumes with the signature pom-pom balls.

This one arrives in a heart-formed platform that can be unattached from the jug. Hence, the platform is molded like a messed up heart that connotes a misfortune.  Moreover, this was the first topic of her melody Thank U, next and she named this fragrance after her tune. The perfume coming out of the broken heart podium signifies to be born as a new person after a painful heartbreak and to move forward with your life, forgetting your past for the better. The bottle comes in three sizes, 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. It features a great Ariana grande makeup look

This is one of the best product that features on our Ariana Grande perfume review

ARIANA GRANDE PERFUMES – Our Review Conclusion

The scent of this perfume is very playful, vibrant yet elegant. It features notes of pink rose, coconut, pear, raspberry, must, and sugar macarons. All these notes create a beautiful scent that is not too sweet nor too fruity either. This perfume attracts a lot of teenagers as well as young adults because of its vibrant and youthful scent and is adored by them all around the World.

This perfume along with the Sweet like Candy from Ariana Grande perfume range is the sweetest. This one is not overpowering at all and creates a beautiful aroma all over you, leaving a trail behind as you walk by. This perfume is a must-have for every girl out there who is into feminine and vibrant scents. Therefore, it features a great Ariana grande makeup look

Ariana Grande is an icon for all the young women out there, has proved herself to be one of the strongest and brilliant pop stars that keeps moving forward without looking back.


Therefore, It is only natural for her fans to adore her so much because of her bubbly personality. Her perfume range signifies her vibrant and youthful personality in the form of the sweet scents she created. Moreover, All her scents display different aspects of her personality and by smelling them, w finally get to know how amazing she is and how amazing her scent is. So, if you want to smell like Ariana Grande, go get her perfumes that match your tastes!

Hence, this was our Ariana Grande perfume review. I hope you enjoyed it.