Top Drugstore Makeup Products of All Time – Budget-Friendly Edition

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Every woman knows the struggle of wanting to hoard loads of makeup without going bankrupt. According to some women, good quality makeup products have to be expensive, otherwise, they are just average. However, this statement is not entirely true. These are some of the Top Drugstore Makeup Products we are going to talk about today.


This is the age of drugstore beauty. We need to understand that all good quality products should not necessarily cost you a fortune. There are many drugstore makeup products out there that are affordable as well as offer amazing results. You don’t always have to spend a lot in order to get the quality you want in a makeup product. 


We have compiled a list of top drugstore makeup products that are affordable and do their job really well while being easily accessible as well. Go through our list and learn about the best drugstore makeup brands and their products that are budget-friendly.


Best Drugstore Makeup Brands and Products




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Maybelline is hands down one of the best drugstore beauty brands ever introduced. It has a bunch of products that offer amazing results while being budget-friendly. Its foundation is on the top of all other drugstore foundations.


The Fit me Matte + Poreless foundation gives very natural coverage and makes you look as if you are wearing no foundation. Its medium coverage does not make your face look cakey.


It has a very creamy and thin consistency that makes it easier to blend into the skin. This foundation is specifically made for women with oily skin. Therefore, it minimizes the appearance of pore while also not clogging them. It creates a matte looking face that controls oil and makes you look clean all day long.


The most amazing fact about this foundation is that it offers 40 different shades that suit every skin tone. Especially for women of color, this foundation has a variety of gorgeous shades to choose from. 


This inexpensive foundation can also hide texture and bumps on the skin without making it look cakey. Therefore, we definitely recommend Maybelline New York Fit me Matte + Poreless foundation for a flawless-looking complexion.


Drugstore Makeup


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Nyx Professional makeup has one of the best drugstore makeup products that are very affordable and offer great results. The concealer this brand offers is very cheap yet very effective in terms of covering up dark circles. 


It is a very lightweight concealer that perfectly covers up dark spots, imperfections, discoloration, and dark circles under the idea. Its consistency is just the right amount of thin and creamy that blends easily wherever you use it on your face. It also offers 23 shades to choose from to cater to all skin tones. This range also includes 2 color correctors that work really well-hiding pigmentation and red spots.


The formula works like magic on the skin without being obvious and gives you a natural finish. It also does not sit in the fine lines and does not crease as well. The doe-foot wand makes it easier to apply. It picks up just the right amount of product needed and is completely mess-free. 


All the makeup products from the Nyx makeup line are cruelty-free and non-comedogenic. They are safe to use and are suitable for every skin type. 

Drugstore Makeup



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Loose powder or a setting powder gives you an airbrushed look and makes you survive the heat that might ruin your makeup. And what’s better than a drugstore loose face powder? Coty Airspun makes the best drugstore loose face powders that are easily accessible and also easy on the pocket.


This setting powder has a very soft and powdery consistency. Apart from making your face look smooth, it also hides fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and acne bumps. It offers 8 shades to choose from according to your skin tone. 


There is a small powder puff inside the container. You can use the puff or use a large face brush for your convenience. It absorbs right into the skin and makes your skin look flawless and clean. Being very lightweight, you can wear it all day. It controls oil and keeps your face matte all day long. You do not have to touch up frequently 


The quantity of this product is great compared to its price. This is one of the best drugstore makeup products that you can ever own and is a must-have!


Drugstore Makeup



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Who doesn’t like full and clean looking flawless brows? We do and we have tested the Milani Stay Put Brow Color that gives you the brows of your dreams. Milani is known for its good quality cheap makeup products and this brow powder is one of its best products.


The brow pomade comes in a small round container along with a brush that has an angled brush on one side and a spoolie on the other side. The brush is very convenient to use because you can shape your brows properly with it. 


Coming to the brow pomade itself, it is one of the best drugstore brow pomades out there. It does not smudge when applied, unlike many other brow pomades. It has a perfect creamy texture that applies smoothly on the brows.


Pick up a little amount of product and apply on the areas that need to be covered. Use small and controlled strokes of the angled brush. After filling in your brows, use the spoolie to brush your brow for the product to blend everything together and you are good to go.


There are 5 shades to choose from according to your brow color. This brow pomade is definitely not going to disappoint you as it gives a very natural and clean finish to the brows, making them look flawless.

Drugstore Makeup


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Do you have very thin and short eyelashes that make your eyes look unattractive? Worry not, we have a solution for you. The Loreal Paris voluminous mascara is there to save the day!


This is a drugstore mascara that gives insane volume to your eyelashes, making them look fuller and thicker. The mascara does not get clumpy on your lashes. Therefore, it keeps your lashes separated from each other, making them look flawless.


Its formula is very nice and creamy that glides smoothly over the lashes. You do not have to try hard to transfer the pigment to the lashes. It will not stick weirdly to the lashes and will work evenly with them, making them appear fuller and longer.


This mascara offers 7 different colors and three extras that are waterproof. There are three shades that are washable as well. The bristles of the mascara are very soft and do not painfully poke the eye, unlike some of the mascaras. The bristles keep the lashes separated and soft to touch. Therefore, this drugstore mascara is all you need for getting those dreamy lashes.


Drugstore Makeup



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Perfection in a palette, this 10 panned eyeshadow palette is all you need to create perfect-looking eyes. Wet n wild has a bunch of drugstore makeup products and this eyeshadow palette is the best of them all. 


There are 4 options to choose from- Rose in the air, Comfort zone, Not a basic peach, and Nude awakening. All these palettes have different colored eyeshadows that complement well with each other. There are nude as well as bold colors in this palette. 


It offers amazing pigmentation that stays for hours on the eyes. Its soft and creamy texture makes it blend easily on the eyes. You can pick up the product with the brush or even with your finger and it will work equally well with both. 


You can mix and match the bold as well as the neutral shades to create an attractive eye makeup look. No other eyeshadow palette can beat this one at price as low as $4.99.


Drugstore Makeup



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Bronzers sculpt our faces and make them look sharper and thinner than they actually are. The Butter Bronzer offered by Physician’s formula is a must-have if you love drugstore makeup products.


This bronzer is just like butter and glides smoothly over the skin. It has ultra-refined pigmentation and a butter-like smooth texture that blends well on the skin. Moreover, It has a creamy and powdery texture and delivers perfect results. It offers 6 different shades that you can choose from according to your skin tone. 


It comes in a round compact case along with a sponge applicator and a mirror for your convenience. The applicator makes it easy to pick up the bronzer and to blend it. It is also perfect for sculpting cheeks and nose. 


This bronzer is packed with many useful ingredients like Murumuru butter, Tucuma seed butter, provitamins, and essential fatty acids that are actually good for the skin. Therefore, It will not dry up on your skin because of the presence of hydrating ingredients. Therefore, if you are a fan of natural products that are cheap, then you should go for the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer.


Drugstore Makeup



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This super popular lip gloss is the best drugstore lip gloss ever made. Moreover, with a price tag of just $5, it delivers the best results. This small lip gloss is going to give you glowy and smooth lips all day long.


It comes in a small tube with a doe-foot applicator that picks up just the right amount of the product. This gloss offers sheer to medium coverage and does not look overly glossy. Its texture is very soft and smooth. It glides smoothly over the lips and does not feel overly sticky. 


You can apply it directly on your lips or pair it up with a matte lipstick to add extra color. This lipgloss is perfect when you do not feel like applying heavy makeup or want to keep it natural.


The Nyx Professional Makeup Butter Gloss offers 24 yummy shades that are extremely buttery and look gorgeous on the lips. All of the products from this brand are cruelty-free and non-comedogenic which means that they will not cause any allergies when applied. 

Drugstore Makeup



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This drugstore lipstick is the best when it comes to making your lips look shiny, hydrated, and healthy. This is basically oil-in-stick that creates a beautiful reflective shine on your lips that everybody is going to swoon over.


The lipstick comes in a beautiful shiny metallic packaging with the product inside. This is not your ordinary lipstick. It contains reflective oils that make your lips look extra shiny and reflective, perfect for wearing in any weather. The pigmentation of this lipstick is amazing and it glides smoothly over the lips, giving them a beautiful pop of color. The texture of this lipstick is very smooth and creamy which makes it easier to apply on the lips. 


The Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick’s formula is very hydrating and strictly not matte at all. It is also very lightweight and feels like you are wearing nothing on the lips. The non-fragrant formula makes it suitable for all skin types. 


Drugstore Makeup


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As the name suggests, the Neutrogena healthy blush is actually healthy for the skin. We do not see it in most blushes. However, this blush has some properties that make it different and better from all other blushes while being very affordable.


This blush contains ingredients like botanical conditioners, vitamin C, and antioxidants to promote healthier-looking skin. It also gives a natural glow to the cheeks when applied. It illuminates the cheeks instantly.


The texture of the blush is powdery and soft to touch. The pigments are picked up easily by the brush and when applied, they blend really well. It gives a beautiful pop of color to your cheeks, making them look naturally flushed. 


The shade range is very versatile and caters to all skin tones. It offers 5 beautiful and highly-pigmented shades. This blush is dermatologically tested so it is suitable for women with even sensitive skin. 


Drugstore Makeup



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If you are a major highlighter fan and prefer to look like a glazed donut, then you need the Wet n Wild highlighter in your life. This drugstore highlighter gives you a blinding glow as well as a natural one, depending on your preference. No wonder it is so popular.


It is a pressed powdered highlighter that is available in seven beautiful shades. Hence, this highlighter has some of the most nourishing ingredients like Argan oil, Murumuru butter, and Shea butter that keep the skin hydrated and nourished. 


The texture of this highlighter is very smooth and is made up of micro-fine pearls that are highly reflective. It has amazing pigmentation and glides smoothly over the skin. Being lightweight, it feels like you are wearing nothing but still look glowing. 


This highlighter can be applied using a brush or your finger to the high points of your face like your cheekbones or nose. Keep it natural or be dramatic. This highlighter is definitely not going to disappoint you. 


Drugstore Makeup



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A setting spray is the most important makeup product that keeps everything in place. This drugstore makeup setting spray works really well keeping every bit of makeup in place. You can choose if you want dewy finish or matte because it offers both the options.


This setting spray feels extremely fresh on the skin because of its lightweight and cool formula. The matte finish keeps your makeup intact all day long while keeping your face hydrated as well. The dewy finish makes your face look like a literal glazed donut because of its extra shine and glow.


With this setting spray, you do not have to worry about your makeup being fading or smudging. It will keep everything in place for hours without you having to worry about touching up your makeup constantly. We love this drugstore setting spray and definitely recommend you to use it. 


Many women today are leaning more towards drugstore beauty products with their amazing quality and affordable price. It is only fair to give the drugstore makeup products a chance and compare them to high-end products. It can definitely be seen that there are a bunch of drugstore makeup products that work exactly like the high-end makeup products. So why should we go on and spend extra money when we can get exactly the same results at a fairly low price.


Our list of the top drugstore beauty products has everything you need to create a flawless-looking face with the advantage of saving up some extra money. Therefore, you should get these best drugstore makeup products and shine like a diamond!


Drugstore Makeup


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