Best Hair Straightener For Thick hair – 2020-21 Edition

Thick hair may look strong and healthy, however, you must know how hard it is to style them if you are born with such hair type. Women with thick hair struggle a lot while styling their hair and end up giving up on it when it’s getting nowhere. Luckily, there is a way women with thick hair can handle their hair. These best hair straightener for thick hair and hair straightener products are here to save the day.

Looking for the best hair straightener for thick hair that can actually transform your looks is no longer a tough task. A straightener for thick hair is going to save a lot of time as well as money. You will not have to run to a salon to get your hair fixed. You will be able to style it at home without any hassle. With a good hair straightener for thick hair, you will not have to worry about spending that extra money and you can actually save up.

We have reviewed a list of best hair straighteners for women with thick hair below. Read on to find out more about good hair straighteners for thick hair that actually works like magic.




Best Hair Straightener For Thick hair

The GHD hair straightener is one of the best hair straighteners for thick here because of its unmatched quality. This hair straightener has won two awards to prove that.

This hair straightener claims to give sleeker-looking as well as healthier hair. It has a very sleek design and looks very appealing. Being lightweight, it is very convenient to use. 

It is a smart straightener that recognizes the thickness of your hair and adjusts the heat accordingly which is a great thing. The three sensors fitted inside the ceramic plates are responsible for that. The ceramic plates are 1-inch thick.

The ceramic plates are going to give you the shiniest hair you can ever imagine because they are infused with negative ions to eliminate frizz and static. This hair straightener also heats up very quickly in under 25 seconds. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the plates which ensures even straightening. 

This hair straightener has a “dual-zone” technology that makes it maintain an optimal temperature of 180C that ensures safe and effective straightening. It also has a small speaker that lets you set the temperature or leave it on standby. This straightener also shuts down if not used for 30 minutes.

All in all, this hair straightener is the best for women with thick hair. With so many functions, it is going to give you the best possible results while being so convenient to use.


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best hair straightener for thick hair


Panasonic has been creating the best hair styling appliances for so many years that are being loved all around the World. Its Nanoe Hairstyling Flat Iron works like magic on thick hair, making it more manageable, sleek, and shiny.

Having patented nanoe technology, this straightener retains moisture in the hair, making it look healthier and eliminating dryness or frizz. The moisture is taken from the air and penetrated deep into every shaft of hair for ensuring smoothness.

This straightener has 5 different heat settings that you can adjust according to your hair needs and type. The 4-inch ceramic plates ensure perfect straightening to promote shine and smoothness. The heater used in the plates ensures equal distribution of heat throughout the plates.

The design of this straightener is ergonomic which means that it is very easy to use wherever you are. It can easily reach the roots to promote even straightening throughout the hair. The swivel cord makes it easier to use and rotate in whichever direction you want it to without being restricted. 


This straightener is best for traveling because of its compact size. It is also safe to use as it shuts down automatically if not used for 60 minutes. 


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Best Hair Straightener For Thick hair

CHI is a well-known brand for hairstyling tools and has created an amazing straightener that instantly makes your hair sleek and shiny. Its design is also very attractive and sleek.

The CHI hair straightener product has floating ceramic plates with titanium infused in them for better quality straightening. The ceramic and titanium plates tame flyaways and frizz, giving your hair a smooth and manageable look. The plates are also infused with negative ions to fight static and frizz.

It heats up quickly within 40 seconds which is an amazing feature for women who are always in a hurry. This straightener is great for thick hair because its temperature reaches up to 425 degrees. It also has 3 different temperature settings for different types of hair (370 degrees, 395 degrees, and 425 degrees)

The temperature is donated with the help of different colors on the LCD screen which lets you know the temperature of the straightener. Its ergonomic design makes it very easy to use. The dual voltage function makes it perfect to take with you if you are traveling overseas. 

It also comes with a 2-year warranty which means it is built to last. In under $100, you get the perfect hair straightener product for all hair types with amazing functionality. 


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best hair straightener for thick hair


It will not be an exaggeration to say that Remington manufactures some of the best hair styling tools from straighteners to curling irons. This hair straightener offered by Remington delivers great results while being so affordable. 

The floating ceramic plates straighten the hair quickly without any tugging. It is great for coarse and thick hair because it reaches a maximum temperature of 410 degrees. It also has 6 different heat settings for all types of hair from 310 degrees to 410 degrees. The plates are thick enough to contain a big chunk of hair and straighten it.

This straightener offers anti-static technology that tames flyaways and eliminates static, giving your hair a sleek and smooth look. The heating time is less than 30 seconds which makes you do the magic on your hair quickly. It also offers digital controls that let you control the temperature easily. 

This hair straightener product shuts off automatically after 60 minutes of no use. The swivel cord lets you comfortably straighten your hair and rotate the straightener in any direction you want. 


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best hair straightener for thick hair

This hair straightener product is used by professionals and many celebrities swear by it. It is a sleek looking hair straightener that is perfect for women with thick hair because of its good quality and amazing functionality. 

It has innovative technology that lets you straighten your hair in a single pass. The high-quality custom blend ceramic plates evenly distribute heat and let you straighten your hair evenly. You can also create beautiful curls or waves with this straightener.

This hair straightener has 5 different heat settings (260 degrees-410 degrees) for thin or thick hair. The internal microchip maintains an even temperature that does not burn or damage your hair. 

The T3 hair straightener comes with 2 clips for sectioning your hair while straightening or curling. The dual voltage function lets you operate it anywhere in the World. It also shuts off automatically if not used for up to 60 minutes, making it safe to use and operate.


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best hair straightener for thick hair

This hair straightener is different from others because of its extra-long body and sleek design. It gives you perfectly straight, smooth, and manageable hair in no time. It is also extremely affordable as compared to other high-end straighteners.

This straightener offers good quality tourmaline ceramic plates that are very long and contain a big chunk of hair to straighten or curl it. The tourmaline ceramic plates also promote shine and smoothness, giving you more manageable hair.

It offers 3 different heat settings (325 degrees, 380 degrees, and 455 degrees) for different hair types. The temperature can be seen on the digital LCD screen for you to easily control it. The edges of the plates are curved which helps in creating beautiful waves and curls as well.

The Revlon hair straightener is very lightweight and ergonomic, making it your perfect travel buddy. It also has a swivel cord that lets you style your hair in peace. It features an auto shut-off technology that shuts it down after 60 minutes of no use.  


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best hair straightener for thick hair

This gorgeous hair straightener is the best when it comes to straightening or curling hair. It is a top-quality product at an affordable price range. 

The plates of this flat iron are made up of good quality titanium that makes hair shinier and silkier than ever. The 1 inch narrow plates are great for reaching till the roots and straighten or curl hair efficiently.  Its shape is curved that creates really unique curls and straightens hair perfectly without tugging. 

This straightener has 3 different heat settings (270 degrees, 350 degrees, and 410 degrees) that make it perfect for all hair types. The PTC heating technology makes it distribute heat evenly to ensure effective straightening or curling. 

The 360-degree swivel cord ensures hassle freestyling. It also has an auto shut-off system that lets it shut down when not used for up to 60 minutes. The dual voltage function makes it a perfect travel buddy as well. It is also an affordable option out of many hair straightener products and delivers perfect results.  


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best hair straightener for thick hair

Want to achieve salon-quality sleek and straight hair? Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium is going to give you excellent results while being at the comfort of your own home. Babyliss manufactures amazing quality hair styling tools and appliances that are never going to disappoint you.

The high-quality titanium plates used in this hair straightener along with the ion generators deliver excellent quality straightening. The plates are also responsible for creating sleek and shiny locks. The plates are wide enough to contain a big chunk of hair to promote quick styling.

It features Nano titanium Technology that protects hair from heat damage. Moreover, It offers different heat settings and reaches a maximum of 450 degrees that makes it perfect for thicker and coarser hair. It also features a ceramic heater that makes it heat up quickly and maintain even heat throughout the plates.

It also saves your hair from getting burnt as it regulates temperatures and sets it to what is perfect for your hair. The 360-degree swivel cord makes it very easy to handle. It also features a dual voltage function so that you can use it anywhere in the World. All in all, a great hair straightener product that you can buy.


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best hair straightener for thick hair

Xtava introduces its wide plated hair straightener product that works the best for thick and coarse hair. Its massive plates take up a big chunk of hair and straighten it efficiently without tugging or burning it.

The two ceramic floating plates use infrared technology that makes it heat up quickly and distributes heat evenly throughout the plates for effective styling. This technology is also responsible for taming frizz and flyaways, promoting smoothness and shine. 

The LCD screen displays the temperature that you can control according to your needs. It features different temperature settings for different types of hair. The temperature ranges from 265 degrees to 445 degrees. 

It features a long swivel cord that ensures hassle freestyling. It also has an auto shut off feature that shuts it down after 60 minutes of no use. One of the most unique hair straightener products on our list today


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A hair straightener can turn any bad hair day into a good hair day in a matter of minutes. Investing once in a good hair straightener will not only save you some money but will give you perfect locks every day. 

However, you need to know a few things about hair straighteners that are specifically good for coarse hair before investing in one. Read on to learn more about the features of the best hair straighteners for thick hair.

Top 6 Features

  • Ceramic plated flat irons are better for thin hair. However, for thicker and coarser hair, it is important for you to choose a flat iron that has titanium plates. Titanium or tourmaline plated straighteners heat up quickly and sufficiently for straightening thick hair. 


  • Always look for a hair straightener that offers ionic technology. The negative ions present in such hair straighteners neutralize the positive ions that are naturally present on hair to promote smoothness and shine. Such hair straighteners also work the best for dull and damaged hair. They also retain moisture in the hair.


  • The size of the hair straightener also plays an important role in effective hair straightening for thicker hair. Thick plates that can contain plenty of hair work the best for thick hair. Thinly plated hair straighteners will take a lot of time while straightening thick hair. 


  • Temperature settings are an essential part of effective hair straightening. For thick hair, it is important to have higher heat settings than normal because, with low heat, it is just not going to work. However, it is not the case with thin hair. Low heat settings will work just fine for thin hair. A hair straightener should have different heat settings to adjust according to your hair type.


  • You do not have to go for an extra luxurious or extra expensive hair straightener. Cheap hair straighteners can also deliver the same results while being so affordable and convenient. 


  • An auto shut-off setting is also very important as it ensures tension-free hair styling. 

Wrapping it up – Best hair straighteners for thick hair

Having thick hair is both a blessing and a curse. Those luxurious and thick locks can get even better with the use of a hair straightener that promotes smoothness and shine. You should invest in a good hair straightener for thick hair considering the above-mentioned features. Our list of the best hair straighteners for thick hair is definitely going to help you with choosing the best match for your hair.  If you choose carefully, you will be able to create gorgeous locks effortlessly. Wear your gorgeous hair like a crown and conquer the day!


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