Top Makeup Books to Buy in 2021 – Best Makeup Books Reviewed

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Every beauty and makeup enthusiast knows the importance of makeup books and how they help in improving makeup skills. Makeup books have all the secrets to perfecting your makeup looks and help you achieve a flawless-looking face. 

Many famous and immensely skilled makeup artists have penned down their years of experience and knowledge about makeup and created makeup books that are full of beauty tips and tricks that will transform your makeup applying skills. From the right way to apply a foundation to create plump-looking lips, these makeup books have everything you need in order to perfect your makeup skills.

Makeup books are equally beneficial for aspiring as well as professional makeup artists. For beginners, they are a complete guide to the right way of doing. Reading these makeup books thoroughly will give you an insight to the art of doing makeup and polish your skills as a makeup artist.

We have compiled a list of some of the best makeup books that are written by some of the most influential and skilled makeup artists. Read on to learn more about the best makeup books for the year 2021.


Top Makeup Books – Best Books Compiled

  • 1. Classic Beauty The History of Makeup by Gabriela Hernandez

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Gabriela Hernandez, the founder of Besame cosmetics, introduces her makeup book that tells us about the history of makeup from the very start. It has everything a beauty and makeup enthusiast needs. 

This makeup book talks about the evolution of beauty and makeup from ancient times until the modern-day. It also includes the social and political factors that played their part in the evolution of the makeup and beauty industry. Moreover, It also includes a detailed makeup application guide for the whole face. It also includes reviews of each decade along with pictures of some of the iconic faces and classic artists that helped the makeup and beauty industry flourish.

What Makes it Perfect?

This makeup book includes 450 colored images that show different makeup trends that were popular in each era. The pictures also show the changes that have been made to the different makeup products in order to cater to the needs of women of different eras. The way it puts the history of changing cosmetic trends throughout the years is incredible. 

We also see how different colors were popular in different eras. It features vintage photos of old makeup ads that looks very fascinating. Apart from all these things, this book also teaches you the right way to do your makeup with the reference of old makeup doing techniques and how they have changed for today. Overall, this makeup book is a must-have for all the makeup and beauty enthusiasts out there.


Makeup Books


  • Make It Up by Marie Rayma

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If you are thinking about creating your own makeup and skincare products, this book is all you need in your life. This makeup book tells you all about creating handmade makeup and DIY ways to create your own skincare products using natural ingredients that are actually healthy for your skin. 

This makeup book walks you through different ingredients that are available in different markets in order to create your own makeup and skincare products. Marie Rayma also tells you which ingredients are good for your skin and which ones are not. 

It educates you about the ways you can create your own makeup and skincare products. Marie shares her recipes with you that she has created with years of trials and experimentation. Her makeup recipes are great and guide you on how you can create your own beauty products. This book features the recipes for long-lasting lipsticks, foundations, mineral powder, long-wearing eyeliners, and many more makeup products. As far as skincare is concerned, this book features recipes for natural and organic cleansers, masks, and cleansers that are actually good for skin and show good results in no time. 

What Makes it Perfect?

This makeup book guides you on how to find natural and organic ingredients to incorporate into your makeup and skincare products. It also tells you how there are many harmful chemicals and ingredients in some of the makeup products that are actually harmful to your skin and how you can replace them with healthier and more safe options. 

This book also educates you about how different makeup and beauty products can be made according to every individual’s complexion and skin type. With very easy instructions, this book features up to 40 makeup and skincare recipes that you can easily create at your home with all-natural ingredients. This book has everything you need as a makeup and skincare junkie. We definitely recommend testing this book out and creating your own beauty products at home.


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  • Be Your Own Makeup Artist By Natalie Satareh

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This unique makeup book written by Natalie Satareh highlights the importance of doing makeup correctly and teaches us how to do it. It emphasizes on how applying makeup correctly should highlight your best features and hide your not so best features. This book is a beauty bible for women all around the world who want to learn the art of doing makeup flawlessly.

This makeup book helps you understand your skin tone, skin type, and undertone to let you know about the options that would work the best for you. It also educates you on how to unleash your inner beauty by learning about your features that need to be highlighted with the help of different makeup products and the right technique to do it. By telling you about certain ingredients that are used in makeup, this makeup book also lets you know which makeup products are going to work for you the best and bring out the best of your features. 

 This book features tips on how to buy makeup products that will work the best for you. It also reveals some beauty industry secrets without any bias. The content in this book is all free from any biases and very transparent, which helps you choose the best products for your skin type. It is created for all ages, skin tones, and skin types. 

What Makes it Perfect?

Have you ever felt stressed about maintaining your budget while buying makeup? Of course, you have, since makeup products in the present era are extremely expensive. This book includes some tips on how to shop smarter and stretch your budget. Helpful, isn’t it?

Overall, this book has all the information that a makeup hoarder and enthusiast would need. By learning about your features and what makeup products and techniques are going to work for you, you can become a professional makeup artist that does makeup flawlessly.


Makeup Books


  • Before the Blade by Hannah L. Maruyama

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Have you ever imagined how perfect life would be if you woke up every morning with flawless brows and lips? Permanent makeup allows you to look flawless when you wake up every day. It gives you the flawless lips and brows you always wanted. Before the Blade by Hannah L. Maruyama sheds light on everything you need to know about permanent makeup.

This book tells us how permanent makeup is going to be in vogue in the future. It educates us about the procedures of permanent makeup and also microblading that creates fuller-looking and flawless brows. The brows created by microblading do not need any touch-ups. They are just like a tattoo that does not come off no matter how much you rub it. 

It sheds light on the procedure of microblading and other permanent makeup. The book highlights the important features that you need to keep in mind before getting your permanent makeup procedure done. It also gives some important tips on how to maintain permanent makeup and what no to do with it to make it disappear earlier.

This makeup book is perfect for women who are interested in getting permanent makeup or microblading done as it educates on the two rightly. Hannah L. Maruyama has done an exceptional job with this book.


Makeup Books


  • PROMAKEUP DESIGN BOOK By Lan Nguyen Grealis

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Lan Nguyen Grealis is an Irish-born international makeup artist that has made her name in the beauty industry because of her exceptional skills in creating different makeup looks. She introduced her own line of makeup and also wrote a book “Art and Makeup” that gained popularity and was among the best sellers. 

Her new book “ProMakeup Design Book” is made for professional makeup artists that want to polish their skills even more. This book helps professional makeup artists in creating looks that work the best for fashion shows, magazine photoshoots, and different makeup campaigns. 

The book includes 50 face charts that let you practice on them. It also includes different pictures from the runways that give professional makeup artists an inspiration to create different makeup looks for catwalks and other occasions.

There is a detailed instruction on how to use glitter, gloss, and other embellishments in order to create very unique and funky makeup looks that can be used for different advertisements for makeup campaigns.

Overall, this book is great for those who want to become professional makeup artists and want to pursue their career in this field. It educates you on how to use different colors properly and lets you know about the right techniques used by professional makeup artists in order to achieve perfect looks for runways and photo shoots that let their models look flawless. Therefore, if you are an aspiring professional makeup artist, we definitely recommend you to taste this book out. 


Makeup Books


  • Everything Eyes by Bobbi Brown

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Bobbi Brown is an amazing makeup artist and owner of a very famous makeup line that is famous all around the World. She also has written a number of makeup books targeting different areas of the face. Her makeup books are bestsellers and have helped many women in pursuing their passion and polishing their makeup skills.

Her makeup book “Everything Eyes”, Bobbi Brown simplifies the techniques used in creating perfect eye makeup looks. She educates women on different eye shapes and what techniques work the best for them to enhance the shape of their eyes and make them appear flattering.

This book lets you choose the color combinations that work the best with each other in order to create perfect eye makeup looks. This makeup book includes instructions to different makeup looks like smokey, sparkly, and soft looks that make eyes look instantly attractive. 

Bobbi Brown lets you know about the right tools needed to create some tricky eye makeup looks. You will learn about different brushes that are used for blending and creating cut-crease. Learning about brushes is very essential when it comes to creating the perfect eye makeup looks.

What Makes it Perfect?

This book also includes a guide to how you can choose the perfect specs according to your face shape and eye shape. It also includes a guide to creating an attractive eye looks for women who wear specs. 

This book is all about eyes and the techniques used to create perfect eye makeup looks. Therefore, if you are looking for learning the art of creating flattering eye makeup looks, you need Bobbi Brown’s “Everything Eyes” in your life.


Makeup Books


  • Makeup Artistry for film and Television by Christine Sciortino

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Ever looked at some celebrities and different shows and wondered to yourself how they look so flawless on the Television all the time? The answer to this is quite simple. They look flawless because of makeup. Now, the makeup we use for our everyday routine won’t be enough to look as flawless as the celebrities we see on the television. The right techniques are behind these beautiful and flawless 

Christine Sciortino has introduced her book on the makeup techniques that are used for creating some of the most flawless makeup looks for any film or appearing on the television. This book is perfect for those who want to pursue their career as professional makeup artists in the film industry.

What Makes it Perfect?

This book features an in-depth introduction to the television and film industry and how makeup artists work on the set. It educates you on how to create your own makeup kits and manage everything regarding makeup and styling at the set. 

Sciortino, through personal stories, demonstrations, and interviews, tells us about the makeup business and self-training to become the best professional makeup artist on the set. It also lets us know about the anatomy of the skin, different skin tones, skin types, which products work the best, and which ones reflect the light most. All these things are very important to learn for aspiring makeup artists that want to actually work in the film industry.

This book also educates you on how to create some light special effects like bruising, cuts, dirtying, drawing tattoos, prosthetics, and much more. It lets you learn about the techniques that let you work on people of any age, race, color, and skin.

Overall, this book is a true definition of professional makeup learning. It is going to be the setting stone of your career. Especially if you want one in the field of makeup and in the film industry as well. 


Makeup Books



It is a rule that if you want to make yourself perfect in something and turn it into your career, you should educate yourself properly about it first. It not matter how many tutorials you watch on youtube. You are not going to achieve perfection unless you know about the dynamics of makeup and how it works on people with different face shapes and skin types.

The makeup books we have mentioned above are going to educate. It includes proper techniques you need to learn for creating perfect makeup looks. They are going to make you learn about different face shapes. Moreover, skin tones, skin types, and the techniques that work the best for them. Choose your best pick from our list of the best makeup books for the year 2021 and create beautiful looks!