About Us

Welcome to our blog, cosmoholics! When we started Wrinkled, our aim is beyond the usual lipstick swatches or beauty tips and secrets. We want it to be an online sanctuary for everyone looking for a product that suits their look, and most of all, their personality. We always think that beauty products are vehicles of expression and each one of us is as unique as our options. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to try new beauty hacks and methods so they can look good and feel good about their selves.

We always try to stay true to our reviews and help beauty products hit close to home for those who are shy or doubting about their appearance. Believe us when we say this: you are beautiful with or without a product on!

Basically, this blog is focused on providing valuable information about certain beauty products and beauty trends. We always seek to put value on every post, so make sure that you enjoy each one and send us your thoughts.

What we are passionate about

Don’t be fooled when we say we love all beauty products. We also hate some of them which is the reason why this blog is staying awesome as it is. Sure thing, we have touched and tried creams, lip crayons, foundations, shimmery shadows, and a bunch of stuff, but we are always seeking something new to get our skin painted and toned. From top brands like Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, and MAC, we’re also diving deep into the up-and-coming labels like Farsali, BubzBeauty, and Dose of Colors.

We are passionate about the power of beauty products and the confidence they can give to young people. It’s not just about putting some colors on your face. These layers of hue hide your skin insecurities and give you a shot to show your best side.


Our mission is to put beauty products under the interrogation light bulb to see if they are what they promised to be. It is our responsibility to be on the first line of defense against skin rashes and allergies beauty products may bring. We don’t seek to be the top beauty blog; we just want to be the honest one you won’t think twice about reading. Our goal is to spearhead your makeup session in your bedroom or that small mirror at the bathroom. Every little beauty effort is grandeur for us that require celebration even with a simple lip kit or a new moisturizer that will seal the deal.

If you can even get halfway to beating your stylist’s product taste, our mission is done.


Benefit on our obsession! Our vision is to turn this blog into a semi-beauty bible that everyone can refer to. We envision engaging not just the elite ones who can afford pricey CHANEL collections, but also those that are in the middle of the budget ladder. Wrinkled is for everyone and we want to embody beauty from the inside out in the near future. That’s quite a task, but we’ll start with one beauty tip of the day after the other.

Over the years, we’ll seek to evolve into a respectable online resource for beauty products and beauty tips and tricks at home. While Wrinkled may not be the total giant in the beauty world, we are happy and contented to touch lives and faces across the world.

Our beauty product reviews blog

We know that we’re not the first do this stuff online, but we always bank on the personalization we offer our readers. We don’t just create PR pieces or superficial reviews, we always want to reveal new sides of the product that hasn’t been seen yet by most beauty enthusiasts.

While we aren’t perfect in our own ways, the feedback of our readers matters to us the most. Your words are our lodestar to where this blog is headed and what will be the next feature. Paired with our own research in the industry, we always give our best shot to provide you the information you need, not just the facts that you want. (If we told you that the latest Sephora product isn’t for your skin type, that’s the truth.)

The best beauty tips for face

Our faces reflect our being. It comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and features, and each one has its beauty. Take note that our blog doesn’t push you to change your appearance; we’ll just help you boost the beauty you already possess.

One thing that inspired us to start this blog is to have tailored solutions to our frustrations. Most of the beauty blogs we saw had model-worthy photos and steep products. Rarely do they talk about the ugly parts: acne, irritation, lack of representation, and the harsh side effects of cosmetics.

We always try to show our courage by addressing these issues head-on when we write our entries. Anyway, we try not to be cosmetic evangelists and straw-bosses – just the right blend of the good and the bad to keep your expectations within brain level.

We want you to take part

Our team is a bunch of crazy humans who live day in and day out thinking of the next beauty tip. Sometimes the beauty hacks we discover are so good it’s hard not to share. But all of these don’t pop in our minds out of the blue. We talk to our readers, connect to them, and get a pulse of what they need. So if you have thoughts about our beauty tips and you think you can share something for its improvement, never hesitate to contact us.

If you have blog ideas and products you want to see on your blog, shoot us a message and we’ll try our best to queue it up on our priorities. We’ll also appreciate your beautiful stories.

Well, that’s a bit demanding, isn’t it? Just stick with us constant reader and that would be enough of a help. Until the next beauty tips and secrets!

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