Classy Yet Affordable Maxi Dress for Women 2018

The casual maxi dress is fun and fashionable to wear. It comes in different colors, styles, and lengths. But one thing is for sure: it’s a head-turner for black-tie invites and off-schedule dressing. This type of dress is flowy and boasts a boho-inspired look. If you’re creative enough, you can maximize your maxi dress collection.

But which are the pieces you should add to your closet? Here, we reviewed three of the classy yet affordable pieces that you should have:

THANTH Off-Shoulder Party Maxi Dress

THANTH Off-Shoulder Party Maxi Dress

Are you going to the beach or planning to have a big outfit change at work? The THANTH Maxi Dress wouldn’t disappoint. It has an off-shoulder and short-sleeve design that’s made elegant through its added front ruffles. This has a side-split design that makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

In fact, this maxi dress is highly versatile. You can wear it in four different ways: off-shoulder, with shoulder, one shoulder, and tube style. This comes in six colors, but the navy blue version is a total stunner.

THANTH is made of cotton and spandex for utmost comfort. You can pair it with your favorite necklace and sandals for a complete ensemble. Overall, this complements almost all look, including those who have post-baby shapes.


GRECERELLE Loose Maxi Dress

GRECERELLE Loose Maxi Dress


Not a fan of off-shoulder maxi dresses? The one from GRECERELLE is similar to old navy casual maxi dresses we used to love. It has a flowy design that rests comfortably on the skin. Therefore, it will accentuate your figure without effort.

This maxi dress is soft to touch and comfy to wear. Although the length stretches up to the ankles, it has a sleeveless design that makes it breathable as a casual wear. If you want to have a collection of colors, this maxi dress is for you. It comes in more than a dozen swatches to fit your preference.

Aside from being stylish, this dress is made with convenience in mind. It has deep side pockets where you won’t worry about placing your phone during a party.


DUNEA Women’s Maxi Dress

DUNEA Women’s Maxi Dress


Do you want a tunic top merged on maxi dresses cheap? This DUNEA piece is exactly what you’re looking for. It has a round neck construction with a solid tank top for your comfort. For those who are not confident showing off their shoulders and bust, this would be a great purchase.

This maxi dress is a feast of florals with long sleeves. It’s so chic that it looks good as a bridesmaid dress or an outfit for a casual party.

If you’re looking for a maternity dress, look no further. This one is perfect for maternity shoots or a daily wear during cold days. Some find it too long but since the overall look is elegant, that wouldn’t be a problem. Maxi dresses Target offers are not even close to this fine piece.


Casual maxi dresses are the new trend. Owning one will spare you from an outfit nightmare during a last-minute party invite. So what are you waiting for? Check which one suits your style!

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Jaw-Dropping Peplum Tops For Women – Don’t Miss These Picks!

Long sleeve peplum top are stunners in the fashion scene. Given the right style, it can be worn for almost any season. You can pair it with skinny jeans, maxi skirt, or a pencil skirt and still get the chic look. It’s also an office staple and all-around attire for both casual and formal events. It’s stylish and it accentuates your feminine curves. But for that to happen, you have to get a jaw-dropping piece.

Are you ready to slay on your peplum tops with sleeves or without sleeves? Here are three of the best pieces for you:

Dearlovers Ruffle Side Peplum Top

Dearlovers Ruffle Side Peplum Top

Are you looking for a peplum top that will show your new tan? The Dearlovers Ruffle Side Plum Top is a simple yet elegant sleeveless peplum top. Aside from accentuating your figure, it will also break the fabric monotony through its side ruffles.
It has a turtleneck design that will give you a smart and sexy look. You can wear it in the office or during a casual day. This comes in different colors to suit your style.

The material of this peplum top is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. That spells comfort and a mild stretch to give your figure a breathable complement. It has a zipper on the back to easily put on and off.

Dearlovers Ruffle Side Peplum Top

HOMEYEE Vintage Long Sleeve Peplum Top

HOMEYEE Vintage Long Sleeve Peplum Blouse

Who says black peplum top with sleeves isn’t worth your penny? This one from HOMEYEE is proof that vintage peplums never run out of supply. Aside from being a fashionable option, this blouse has a slimming effect once you put it on.

If you have a bust to boast, the HOMEYEE will be an excellent choice. It has a wide neck plus the length falls down lavishly to the crotch. It’s a good way to look good while hiding your flaws. You can wear it casually with a pair of skinny jeans and your girlfriends would be envious.

It holds pretty well during washing and no ironing is needed. For its price, there’s nothing else you can wish for long peplum tops.

HOMEYEE Vintage Long Sleeve Peplum Blouse

Allegra K Printed Peplum Top

Allegra K Printed Peplum Top

The Allegra K long sleeve peplum tops are head-turners with its nice fit and print. This one has a floral indulgence and a scoop neck that accentuates your bust without being too revealing. You can pair it to almost any skirt or jeans and still look amazing. It’s also a stylish maternity top.

During winter, this looks perfect with a pair of boots and a scarf. You just don’t spend on a one-time outfit.

If you’re worried about your extra curves, no worries since this look flattering just the same. Even peplum tops Target has won’t come close to this. It highlights your figure but it doesn’t feel clingy to the skin.

Allegra K Printed Peplum Top

Peplum long sleeve tops are must-haves for every lady’s wardrobe. There are many designs and fit that will suit every occasion. As a versatile outfit, you’ll regret not having one.

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Astonishing Superstay Maybelline Matte Lipstick 2018

To say that I’m obsessed with lipsticks is an understatement. So when the first Maybelline Superstay matte lipstick link review went out on the internet, I was nothing but eager to have my hand on it (or lips, perhaps). It’s marketed to be kiss-proof, waterproof, and smudge-proof. Not to mention the variety of shades, it’s a new treasure that’s waiting to grace my beauty kit.

I’ve been doing beauty products review posts for some time now, but I never got so excited that with this one. So without further fluff, here’s what I personally think about this new kid on the block:

At a glance

matte lipstick | lipstick

The moment I got my Maybelline Superstay matte lipstick, I’m impressed with the angular packaging. It fits well on my beauty kit and can be placed on the table without toppling. But since I’m not a fan of liquid makeups, I’m worried that it will be cakey and runny. And since we’re talking about a superstay matte lipstick here, corrections will be one hell of a challenge.

The brush is interesting and made perfectly for easy application. Anyway, I still have my doubts because I sometimes have a bad case of shakes when it comes to applying liquid tints and lipsticks.

I tried swatching it at the back of my hand. Even with an all clean balm, it gives a challenge when removing. Now, let’s try it on my lips.

FAQs I had in mind

It’s a fact that it has a unique packaging and a stronghold. Here are some more that I’ve discovered:

How much of a “Superstay Matte Lipstick” is it?

It is indeed a superstay matte lipstick. All the Maybelline Superstay matte lipstick review posts I’ve seen are right. You can eat all you want, kiss whoever you like, and smack the surfaces you want, but it will not even budge out of your puckers.

matte lipstick | colors

I’m sure that all of us hate it when our matte lipstick on the cup or straw of our drinks. It ruins the look of our lips and we have to re-apply all the time which isn’t just time-consuming but it also eats up a lot of lipstick. Just make sure that the liquid lipstick dries completely before you head out. If your lips are dry, it’s best to apply a lip balm at least 20 minutes before using the Superstay matte lipstick. Don’t worry since it won’t ruin the finish of the lipstick. You can re-apply the balm after the lipstick dries.

Is it comfy to wear?

matte lipstick | lips

Aside from the slight feeling of dryness due to its matte finish, I don’t think that this Superstay matte lipstick is uncomfortable. Sometimes, I would even feel that it’s not actually there. But whenever I check in the mirror, the color is still intact. In fact, it’s still highly pigmented at the end of the day. If you don’t like constant touch-ups like me, this lipstick is for the books.

matte lipstick | button

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Younger Looking Skin – Is it in Your Genes? Wrinkles, Aging

Younger Looking Skin

Younger Looking Skin – Is It All About Genetics?

The truth is that some of us are blessed with good genes that are less prone to wrinkle than others. Who exactly has the best genetic makeup that is less prone to wrinkles?

* Darker skin – People with darker skin tolerate higher levels of sun damage compared to lighter skin individuals
* Genetic factors – Parents that developed wrinkles later than other people have significantly fewer wrinkles later in life
* Sleeping – Individuals who get 7 hours or more a night have healthier skin
* Weight- Individual who maintain a healthy weight without large swings in gains or loss

The Role Of Genetics In Anti Aging Research

Anti-aging and wrinkle reduction is a multibillion-dollar business, and researchers have amazing new technology at their fingertips. They are making great strides and advances in genetic research possible. Scientists working for the cosmetics giant Procter & Gamble announced that they have identified at least 1500 genes involved in aging skin.

One exciting path that scientists and researchers are studying now involves single nucleotide polymorphisms that are found in our DNA HAS2gene. This HAS2 gene manufactures hyaluronic acid synthase 2, an enzyme that is one of the key elements that make up our skin. It is vital in tissue and cellular skin repair, and cellular regeneration.

This new anti-aging knowledge is exciting, but you should be wary as many companies are claiming to be able to analyze your genes, but what are they going to really tell you. If you are looking for information about your risk for developing wrinkles, how fast you are going to develop wrinkles, what products fit your genetic profile, skin cancer or other skin disorders you may be throwing away your money on their high price genetically target products.

Your genetic makeup will influence your skin type: Have a look at your relatives and evaluate their style of living.

* Skin type: Dry, oily, normal, or a combination of those
* How much time did they spend outdoors?
* Did they smoke?
* What was their alcohol consumption?
* Did or do they live high stress lives?
* Amount of skin wrinkling, sagging, drooping
* Age when skin wrinkling started to be noticeable
* Did they maintain their weight

Your genes definitely play a role in how susceptible you are to developing wrinkles, but the research is not there to tell you exactly how much, or how soon wrinkles might develop. If you have good genetic makeup you are just plain lucky and will be able to expose your skin to more sun, and devil may care lifestyle.

However, stopping time is not possible, and aging is just a part of life. Growing older in the one skin you were given to last a lifetime of:
swimming under the hot sun, gardening, laughing with friends and family, romantic romps under the sheets, eating all those delicious high sugar desserts, yo-yo dieting, health problems, staying out into the wee hours of the morning, your personal genetic makeup, and living day to day takes its toll on your skin, and you are going to get some unavoidable wrinkles.

Wrinkles can be lessened or decrease dramatically by following a few simple rules and using some of the newer higher SPF sunscreens and anti-aging creams with effective ingredient formulations that were not available in the past. Living life being sun smart, eating healthy, maintaining your weight, choosing skin care products, and anti-aging skin products that are focusing to your skin type and lifestyle are key components to maintaining youthful, healthy, smooth skin for a lifetime.

Try Baebody Eye Gel designed for firming and hydrating the skin, and lessen the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles.

You can also try Baebody Retinol Moisturizer frequently brought together with the product above. This moisturizer composes of retinol, jojoba oil, vitamin E and B5, shea butter, and green tea.

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Best Natural Anti Aging Secrets For Women

Anti Aging Secrets For Women

The Secret Anti Aging For Women

Anti-aging secrets for women will not involve any magic potions or elaborate routines. The secrets are to zero in on what really does work and how they work best while eliminating the worthless supplements or routines which will only waste your time and money, and usually do not work anyway. Here are the tried and true secrets to anti-aging for women:

The Secret to Cardiovascular Exercise:

Some of the most youthful women I’ve seen are regulars at the health club I belong to. And I have been incorrect in all their ages, believing some to be 15 years younger than they actually are. I took note on what they were doing in the gym to look so young, both in facial features and their figures, and all of them committed at least 30 minutes to do a cardiovascular form of exercise, whether it be the Stairmaster, the treadmill, bicycle, or ski machine.

I noticed something else as well. They were all very focused, yet at the same time, they were not over exerting themselves. That is, the pace at which they were exercising was not extreme, yet not lazy either. It was right in between where they would still be able to carry on a conversation, yet still be breaking a decent sweat.

This, I learned, is the perfect zone for burning fat and becoming lean, and is part of the reason these women looked (and felt) years younger than they actually were.

The Secret to Diet:

Women I’ve talked with who have successfully anti-aged, some the same ones from the health club, all make it a point to mention what they believe is the key to their diet, and that is; vegetables. Many have also emphasized fresh, organic vegetables as choice anti-aging foods. But more and more I’ve begun to hear the secret of how to prepare these vegetables:

Eating vegetables in their raw form, uncooked! This is an enormous tip that many women swear by. Raw foods, especially vegetables, will maintain incredible anti-aging ingredients that directly relate to feeling better, experiencing little if any sickness, and especially looking younger. When you cook veggies and other foods, you tend to “cookout” these very important ingredients. Eaten raw, they maintain all the important vitamins and anti-aging properties.

Try Body Merry Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser it composes of glycolic acid, willow bark, and jojoba beads that helps lessen pores and remove dead skin, dirt, oil build up.

You can also try Kleem Organics anti-aging retinol moisturizing cream for face and eye area the contains retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin e, green tea, and jojoba oil that reduces the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and circles.

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