Entertaining Jewelry Making Supplies Kit September 2018

Jewelry making can both be a hobby and a lucrative business. You can transform this past time into an income-generating activity even with just jewelry making kits at hand. In fact, earrings and bracelets are just some of the best-selling items on Etsy and other fashion jewelry online stores. You can bank on your skills, but before that, you should practice how to fiddle on findings, beads, stones, and more.

Basics you should keep in mind:

Decide on the type of jewelry you’re interested at

Jewelry making can be overwhelming for starters with the wide variety of options available. You can choose from beading, metal-stamped, glass, clay, and more. Before purchasing your DIY jewelry kits, decide which one you’re most interested in. You can always try something else as you explore different materials.

Learn the lingo

What are the findings? Gem-setting? Is a 10-gauge wire better than a 12-gauge one? Knowing these basic terminologies of the jewelry industry is a good start even before you purchase your first kit. This is crucial so you won’t waste time and money on the wrong materials.

You need to have a workspace

Having beads and pliers all over the house isn’t a convenient setup. You’ll end up spending your time looking for missing pieces. It’s best that you maintain a workspace or a corner where you store all your jewelry making stuff.

Look for some inspiration

It’s sometimes difficult to find the muse for your craft. Looking for inspirations on Pinterest and other hobby sites about a piece you’re planning to make is recommendable. You can refer to some template designs until you come up with your own.

Get your hand on the tools

Seriously, get the best jewelry making kits for adults. You can purchase jewelry making starter kit Hobby Lobby store has to offer or the options available on Amazon. Familiarize yourself with the size of the beadings, types of findings, and the strings used. There’s no better way to learn your craft than to create actual pieces.

If you don’t have any idea about what kit to purchase, here are four bestsellers you can order. Just make sure that it suits the type of jewelry you intend to make.

Kurtzy 1000-Piece Jewelry Making Kit

jewelry making kit | Kurtzy 1000-Piece Jewelry Making Kit

For those who already have a concept for their pieces, this Kurtzy 1000-Piece Kit is an exciting option. It’s a huge set of stud earrings, cord and back end, lobster clasps, calottes, wires, loads of beads, and more.

The bead selection of this set contains wood, gemstones, spacers, and clear seed beads. With this variety, you can experiment with colors and bead combinations. If you have an interested friend, you can share some of the materials.

There are also three pliers so you’ll never need anything else to create fancy bracelets and necklaces. You can use it to cut, pry, and thread along wires and elastics. This set is massive, but it’s excellent for beginners who are performing trial-and-error with their designs.

jewelry making kit | Kurtzy 1000-Piece Jewelry Making Kit

H&S Deluxe Starter Jewelry Making Kit

jewelry making kit | H&S Deluxe Starter Jewelry Making Kit

If you’re looking for more fancy colors to start your jewelry hobby, the H&S Deluxe Kit is to die for. It contains a variety of beads including glass pearl, crackle, and acrylic faceted pieces. The jump rings, spacer beads, lobster clasps, wires, head pins, and eye pins are all silver-plated. To complete the selection are three varying pliers for cutting, threading, and tweaking. The size of the pliers is small enough to fit on a child’s hand and to be used comfortably by adults.

This essential kit comes in27 different packets so all the beads and findings are organized. It contains all the necessary materials for beginning a jewelry hobby. Although the beads aren’t as classy as what you’ll see on accessory shops, it works well for beginners. But like what they said, if you want real pearls, you pay for real pearls. This is the best bargain for price and quality, to be honest.

jewelry making kit | H&S Deluxe Starter Jewelry Making Kit

Sabrikas Jewelry Making  Kit

jewelry making kit | Sabrikas Jewelry Making  Kit

Don’t know where to start? The Sabrikas Kit is probably the best find for those who have zero ideas about jewelry making. It comes with loads of beads for those who can’t get enough of variety and colors. You’ll also get a complete set of findings and elastic strings of different hues. And like most kits, it has three different pliers to get you started.

The best thing here is the Julie Ashford jewellery making guidebook that contains beginner designs and simple techniques. It’s a complete kit and the beads are of higher quality too. This is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s worth every penny if you’re into quality. Both kids and adults would be pleased to have this as a present.

jewelry making kit | Sabrikas Jewelry Making  Kit

Kuuqa Starter Jewelry Making Kit

jewelry making kit | Kuuqa Starter Jewelry Making Kit

If you’re not much of the “beady” type, the Kuuqa Starter Jewelry Making kit would be an interesting purchase. It has an exquisite selection of findings, brass ring, beading accessories, and a variety of wires and strings. All the materials are in chrome color so you can explore with your own choice of décor materials.

The Kuuqa set has one plier for the total beginner as well as a plastic storage box to keep everything neat. It’s a simple kit but the cheapest for starters who aren’t into spending big right away. Overall, this is a great way to start and explore jewelry making. Just don’t expect it to be in the same quality as the ones you’ll see in jewelry stores.

jewelry making kit | Kuuqa Starter Jewelry Making Kit

These jewelry making starter kits suit a wide range of hobbyists interested in tinkering with beads and findings. Each kit comes with a variety of materials, and with more practice, you can produce elegant pieces at just a small price.

Entertain your kids with this Jewelry Kit now!

Top 5 Travellers Best Choice Waterproof Backpack 2018

Attention avid travellers! Part of having a pair of itchy feet is a Travellers Best Choice Waterproof Backpack 2018 to carry the staples. Getting the best rucksack or backpack is crucial to ensure that the trip would be hassle-free. When embarking on a trekking, hiking, or mountain climbing adventures, suitcases are out of the picture. What wanderers want are easy to carry packs that can withstand outdoor elements like intense sunlight and rains.

To ensure that your gadgets, documents, clothes, and other belongings are safe from getting soaked, it’s a must to invest in a waterproof backpack.

Trespass Albus Backpack

Waterproof Backpack | trespass

Are you looking for a rugged backpack that can take whatever you throw at it? The Trespass Albus Backpack is the best waterproof backpack for travel and leisure. It’s made from high-quality polyester ripstop, the same material used in camping tents. This backpack has two main compartments and three zip sections for plenty of storage spaces.

It also has an internal key ring and side mesh pocket that serve as a bottle holder. If you have more stuff you want to keep handy, the string webbing in front would be awesome! There are also D-rings on the strap to hook a cam or a pouch. Like what they said, it has enough room for an elephant!

The Trespass Albus backpack is versatile and can be adjusted based on the type of travel you’re in. It can be as small as a knapsack or a full-fledged rucksack if you’re heading to the outback. This is waterproof so you have peace of mind if it starts raining cats and dogs.

Mountaintop Best Waterproof Backpack For Hiking

Waterproof Backpack | mountain

If you’re going rogue in an outdoor travel, you need a backpack that will hug your body like grim death. The Mountaintop Hiking Backpack is probably the best pick for this purpose. Aside from being a medium-sized (40L) rucksack, it comes with lots of straps and click-buckles to secure it on your back.

This backpack is made of water-repellent nylon and contoured padded shoulder straps for less fatigue. It bears one hip pocket and lavish space inside to tuck your clothes and other stuff. Not to mention other zippy bits, this is a storage champ.

The best feature of this backpack is the integration hydration system that can hold up to three liters of water to keep you refreshed. You no longer have to open the pack to drink. There’s a bladder tube that comes out of the backpack and can be looped on the D-ring of the strap.

From the Sahara desert to a week-long camp-out, this backpack will not falter.

G4Free Outdoor Sports Hiking Backpack

If the G4Free’s Outdoor Backpack didn’t impress you, nothing else will. This 50L backpack gives it all in storage with a large main pocket, hydration access, shoe compartment, and one more external pock. There are also hip-belt pockets where you can stash some snacks. It can carry a ton of things without ripping, thanks to it’s water-resistant and tear-proof nylon material. You can stuff it to the gills without popping a zipper.

The back part has mesh cushions to reduce strain when carrying the rucksack fully loaded. It also promotes air circulation so you won’t end up sweaty.

Even if this is a massive bag, there are organizers inside so you can retrieve each item with ease. And if the rain comes, there’s a rain cover stored at the bottom of the rucksack. Even an onslaught won’t match this waterproof feature.

The G4Free Backpack has a powerful hanging system including multiple attachment points for poles, tents, sleeping bags, and more. One reason why it gives other hiking backpack brands a run for its money.

Lixada Waterproof Trekking Rucksack

Another big-time option is the Lixada Waterproof Trekking Rucksack. It’s a 50L rugged backpack made from heavy-duty ripstop nylon that can carry dozens of items without ripping. It has a spacious main drawstring compartment, large zipped pocket on top, and a zippered slit in front.

If you think that’s more than enough to house all your travelling gears, there are hip-belt pockets along its excellent strap profile. You can utilize the extra pocket at the bottom if the rucksack isn’t filled to the brim.

It’s easy to think that such a towering rucksack could send you crushing under its weight when filled. But to ease the tension, it has a ventilated back-loading system that absorbs shock and allows breathability. You can distribute small items using the D-rings, loops, straps, and buckles dotting the bag – just the best budget hiking backpack.

To ensure that your belongings are safe during downpours, the Lixada bag comes with an orange rain cover that also serves as a reflector. Overall, this is a 100% waterproof backpack.

Lifeasy Expandable Travel Backpack

For the travelling businessperson, a backpack is a convenient choice than having a suitcase in tow. The Lifeasy Expandable Travel Backpack indeed makes the life of professionals easy with its unique construction.

It shares the same form of a suitcase complete with mesh pockets inside. Aside from the main compartment, this backpack has multiple sleeves where you can store your gadgets and documents.

Is your battery dead from receiving phone calls and answering emails? This backpack comes with an external USB port. All you need is to do is connect the power bank inside then charge your phone as you go.

This backpack is convertible to a hand-carry suitcase with the handle on one side. And if the nomad in your surfaces, you can re-adjust the bag for trekking and hiking.

A Travellers Best Choice Waterproof Backpack 2018 shouldn’t just be hydrophobic. It has to be functional and strong enough to endure anything nature throws at it – may it be for hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, camping, or a business trip. The waterproof feature should be matched with quality and ample storage for any kind of adventure.

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4 Best Matching Hoodies For Couples – Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeves!

Lovers always find ways to express their love – from holding hands to wearing matching hoodies for couples to let the world know of their affection. It’s also a way of lovebirds to celebrate their love and belonging to each other. These hoodies are staples during Valentine’s Day, but couples can always wear it any time of the year. Besides, it’s a cozy outfit that warms the heart and the body.

There are many options for hoodies, but the design and material will always be the purchasing factors. If you’re in the hunt for couple hoodies, you’re on the right place.

King and Queen Matching Couple Hoodie Set

Elegant in black, the king and queen Matching Couple Hoodies is a favorite among couples. The pair has the words “King” and “Queen” printed in front and adorned with white and gold crowns. The same print is placed on the hoods and sleeves of this pair.

This hoodie set didn’t overdo the print and design. It sticks to basic prints and minimal colors so couples can wear it without catching too much attention. Each of the hoodies is from skin-friendly spandex and polyester with a kangaroo pocket in front. It can carry phones, keys, and small purses – perfect for long walks or dates.

Take note that the design of the king and queen hoodies is form-fitting. If you prefer a loose style, opt for a larger size. Make sure to refer on the seller sizing chart when purchasing. Nevertheless, it’s stylish, especially for couples who want to accentuate their curves.

These hoodies are machine-washable without shrinking or wrinkling. The print won’t wash out easily as well even if tumble dried accidentally. Its material is thin but surprisingly warm which is best during winter months or just a breezy day.

SR Gold King And Queen Couple Hoodies

If you want a pair with the color of love, the SR Gold Couple Hoodies will be the best suit for you and your partner. Like the first reviewed hoodie set, this one has white King and Queen prints in front with crowns on top. The hood and sleeves are plain which is excellent for couples who want to keep it easy with the added designs.

This hoodie pair has a red and black, stretchy material. It’s comfortable to wear and it doesn’t irritate the skin. Although these are hoodies, the SR Gold version is breathable and can wear during the spring or fall.

Also, these are form-fitting but comfortable for daily wearing and even on occasions like parties and traveling. If you’re looking for a gift for your partner, this would be an excellent option. You can use it for some time without losing the quality of the material.

However, keep in mind that these hoodies come in Asian sizing which is smaller than the European standards. Getting a piece one size larger than the indicated sizing might work. But if you want to be on the safe side, refer on the adjusted sizing chart of the seller.

Generic King and Queen Matching Hoodies

Generic King and Queen Matching Hoodies are one of the favorites because of its simple yet durable design. If you’re looking for the king and queen hoodies with dates or numbers printed at the back, this might be the one for you. It says “King” and “Queen”. This is a good way of telling your partner that he or she is the only one!

The words and numbers are scribed using vinyl printing for a more lasting hold. And unlike other hoodies that use less absorbent fabric, these Generic hoodies are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It offers more warmth during cold days and excellent sweat-absorbing properties if you use it for a jog.

But for you to get a pair, you have to place two purchases. The consolation here is you can choose from three colors: black, maroon, and gray. The printed numbers are all the same.

Beauty and Beast Couple Hoodies

If you and your partner want to avoid the cliché, you’ll love the Beauty and Beast Hoodies. Instead of printing “King” and “Queen”, this pair has scribed “Beast” and “Beauty”. Also, there are no crowns here. The Beast got a bloody wolf scratch and the Beauty has a large kiss mark. It’s a fun pressie for your partner or if you want to have a good laugh while wearing it together.

These hoodies are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex for a warm yet breathable jumper. Each hoodie has a kangaroo pocket that adds a fashionable look in front. Still, keep a close eye on the sizing.

You can machine wash this pair without damaging the prints. If you opt for handwashing, make sure to use cold water.


Mom and Dad Customized Couple Hoodies

For couples who already have a little one, the Disney Shirts for Mom and Dad would be their version of king and queen. It comes in 3 different color and print combinations but with the same Mom and Dad design. This shares the same construction with the usual matching hoodies.

These hoodies are made of combed cotton for utmost comfort while wearing. It’s thin but soft to touch that even your baby will love snuggling with you. In case you plan to machine wash the hoodies, put it on the tub with the inside out at a maximum of 30 degrees.

To get the best fit, be meticulous in choosing the size before checkout.

If your partner’s birthday is coming up and you don’t have a gift in mind, matching hoodies for couples will be awesome. You also get a part from it aside from surprising your loved one. And the good thing is you can wear it in multiple occasions like Christmas Eve, family gatherings, anniversaries, and more. In short, you get the most value out of your quids!

Most Affordable Matching Couple Shirt

Most Affordable Flameless Candles 2018

Flameless Candles vs. Traditional Wax Candles

As the time goes by, the society is slowly abandoning the traditional way of living and the biggest changes that happened is. The society is more into technologies and truly set aside the traditional action or traditional life.

flameless candles | traditional candles

Likewise, the example of this statement is the flameless candles and wax candles. As we all know that in the former generation, we usually used wax candles for the current event and other events when we truly need to use a candle.

Until the flameless candles came and it becomes prominent and completely perfect for any event settings. But we tend to compare that it is kind of expensive rather than with wax candles. But believe it or not, the candles that have listed below are the most affordable flameless candles that suit you.

flameless candles | flameless candles

Before anything else, the flameless candles is a small light bulb that is made up of electronics. That cannot be melted or loses its form over time, unlike the traditional wax candles. However, the flameless candles come in the variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and figures.

The Flameless Candles are so perfect for any events such as birthdays, parties, or any gatherings that needed to use a candle.  It is completely allowed in outdoor events or even at indoors, it is absolutely applicable to every type of settings.

flameless candles | led flameless

Additionally, the flameless candle can be helpful for you in terms of home designing. It somehow comes from various figures and colors that may increase your home appearances. But on the other hand, the flameless candle is more expensive compared to the traditional wax candle.

But the good news about here is, in this article, we have listed down some affordable and beautiful LED Candles. So, check these out…

Gold Geometric Flameless Pillar Candles (with Remote and Batteries)

The first flameless candle is called, ‘Gold Geometric Flameless Pillar Candles’. And it is a type of candle that looks like a luxurious candle. That you can put in a dinner table, in a living space, weddings, or in a party perhaps.

Likewise, it has a set of 3 wax brushed gold flameless candle with an intricate geometric. Additionally, it assures high-quality candle with unique designs that are perfect for every occasion out there. It actually produced by a beautiful and realistic glow, on which it is way better than traditional candles.

flameless candles | gold

Furthermore, each set of candles includes 6 function remote for an easy process and to make it work effectively. The 6 function is ON/OFF, 4Hr/8Hr Timer and Steady On/Off Glow.

The Gold Geometric Flameless Pillar Candles includes batteries and remote control for effective use. Actually, the required batteries for each set is 2 AA Batteries and it is eventually included in the given packages. The approximate height of this flameless candles is 4”, 5” and 6”, while the diameter is 3”. And, an instruction manual that includes in the package on how to use it effectively.

flameless candles | button

White Flameless Pillar Candles, Silver Metal Removable Holders (with Remote and Batteries)

The second flameless candle is the White Flameless Pillar Candles with three sets of a flameless candle with different sizes.

Likewise, the White Flameless Pillar Candle includes a removable holder which you can remove it anytime without hesitation. Believe it or not, you can use this candle without a holder on it. This is absolutely perfect for decorations in any type of event settings.

flameless candles | white with remote

This flameless candle was made up of wax and metal with unique and perfect designs, indeed. Also, this is a flameless candle with a remote and requires batteries too. The batteries needed is 2 AA Batteries for each set of the flameless candle.

The White Flameless Pillar Candles has three sets of flameless candle that includes eight functions. And these are ON/OFF, 4Hr/8Hr Timer, Steady ON/Soft Glow, and includes Bright/Dim.

flameless candles | white

While the packages include 3 Flameless Pillar Candles with Silver Removable Holder. And 6 AA Batteries for each set of a candle, Remote Control and instruction manual for effective use.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Aloe Herbs Rosewater

LED Lytes Flameless Candles Multicolor

The third and last flameless candle is called, “LED Lytes Flameless Candles Multicolor”. It includes 5 sets of flameless candles with the variety of colors that is perfect if you love bright colors and perfect for parties, events, and for decorations.

Well, it has a remote control that includes various functions for an easy process and effective use. It also includes batteries and requiring 3 AAA Batteries to make it work.

flameless candles | remote

But unlike with the other candles out there, the LED Lytes Flameless Candles Multicolor is an unscented candle. But it is perfect for romantic weddings, parties, weddings and any type of occasions.

The LED Lytes Flameless Candles Multicolor packages to include 5 sets of flameless candles and multi-function remote control. Batteries are not included in the packages but you can add 3 AAA Batteries for your shopping cart for less hassle.

flameless candles | pink

Advantages Of LED Flameless Candles

Eventually, the traditional candles used to occasions or any gatherings until the LED Candles came but actually. The flameless candles are way better than traditional candles because it is applicable in both outdoors and indoors. Can’t melted and can be scented or unscented. The flameless candles have various advantages, unlike traditional candles.

flameless candles | colorful

Another advantage of flameless candles is, you can bring it in many places and you can leave it in the same spot. Because it prevents any harmful accident such as a fire accident. You can add some candles if you want the places to look appealing.

Imagine, the flameless candles are way better than traditional wax candles for it is away from a fire accident. Also allowed indoor settings, or any types of event settings, and can be scented or unscented. Comes from a variety of shapes and colors and there are most affordable flameless candles that are absolutely perfect for occasions.

flameless candles | buy

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Best-Selling Night Lights For Kids 2018

night light | zhoppy

The night light is a small fixture that needs the use of electrical to produced lighting to be able to create comfort and convenience at home during night time. Actually, the night light is formed into different shapes, figures and in various colors that increase the appearance of the certain room.

Honestly, the night light is popular in this present time – specifically for the children out there, well, it actually provides security and comfort during night time. So, here some adorable best-selling night light for kids that would totally love by your children.

Advantages Of Night Light

However, the night light has various advantages for both adult and children ages, it is somehow helpful and adorable at the same time. Believe it or not, the gerontologists have recommended that it is so crucial, specifically for the elderly stage for it prevents falls or any life-threatening nightmares that might happen during at night.

But actually, the night light is also necessary for children because it helps them to fall asleep faster and to feel comfortable with their room during night time. As we all know that the children felt terrified whenever they are in the dark areas or being alone in the certain room.

night light | moon

Well, children usually scared to dark areas for it leads them into the imagination that the monsters are real and perhaps, it might exist in the current room. That’s why the night lights have been created to be able to make them feel secure and protected every night.

On the other hand, the kids’ night lights are far different from adult night lights, it actually comes with different creative figures, adorable features and was formed into different shapes. It can be an animal, cartoon character, and environmental figures.

So, here are some decorative night lights amazon that only limited for girls that would surely help your child to fight the night monsters, to fall asleep faster and to have an imaginative dream at night.

ZHOPPY Star and Moon Starlight Projector Night Lights for Girls

The ZHOPPY Star and Moon Starlight Projector operated by 4 x AAA Batteries. And can connect to USB for an easy process and for effective use too.

This is absolutely adorable and perfect for your child because it composed of stars and moons shapes. Likewise, it can fill your ceiling with colorful stars and moons that lighten up the mood of your child.

However, the Zhoppy Star and Moon Starlight are consisting of 4 LED beads. And it is the warm light, blue light, green light and a red light as well. These 4 LED beads produce bright lights to ensure it fills the whole ceiling with stars and moons figures.

night light | how to use

In addition, it has a tiny motor that allows the night lights to rotate and do some movements. To be able to make the stars and moons move slowly in the ceiling. This is totally adorable and perfect for your child.

The Zhoppy Star and Moon Starlight packages include USB cable to power up the lamp. And English instructional manual to teach how to use the lamp and for effective use.

Star Night Lights For Kids: Universe Night Light Projection Lamp, Romantic Star Sea Birthday Christmas Projector for Bedroom

The star night light for kids are consists of three adorable sets of films. And it includes the magical universe, starry star and a happy birthday theme. Your children won’t get bored and surely love this star night light.

Furthermore, the star night lights similar to other night lights that are available in some other stores. It actually requires 3 AA Batteries or USB Connection to power up the star night light projector.

However, the three sets of films are not the only best features of this star night lights. Plus, it has 6 lighting effects such as the white lighting effects, blue, yellow, sequential, combination and slow fade too. Your child has various choices if what is the best lighting effect that would suit her/his taste.

night light | moon and star

Star night light is not only limited for girls but also available for all the boys out there. Who find the universe and star awesome and cool at the same time. It will probably lighten up the mood of your child because of the scenarios and the universe looks like.

Actually, its composed of multiple functions that allow you to choose what colors would you like to see. And functions to change the certain image or the theme itself.

Why Buy Star Night Lights Universe Night Light Projection Lamp For Kids?

The star night lights packages include the instruction manual for guidelines, to know the functions. And for safety procedures regarding on how to use the certain product well. And in addition, the other accessories include USB Wire, 3 Projecting Films, and a Projecting Light.

night light | whats in the box

Furthermore, the starlight provides a 100% refund guarantee if it does not satisfy you and/or if there are some errors, damages, and loss in the given packages. But on the other hand, we assure that we offer a high-quality product and prioritize the safety of the child.

These are some adorable and awesome girls’ nightlight that would be perfect for your child during night time. Therefore, it’s easier to read books and do storytelling for your child before going to sleep.

night light | how to

Believe it or not, the night lights are also perfect for sleepover parties for it makes the surroundings more colorful. And makes it more enjoyable because of its different colors and figures as well. So, the night lights for kids are indeed crucial, helpful and lovely at the same time.

But all in all, night light are the best and effective way to make your child fall asleep faster. And it makes them feel protected from night monsters that exist through their mind.

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