A Breakthrough System for Experiencing Youthful Vigor

A Breakthrough System for Experiencing Youthful Vigor

Experience A Youthful Vigor

Some enjoy a hearty breakfast whilst others enjoy the hearty meal …..

1: Wait for a truly earned appetite

– Become familiar with your body timetable. Some enjoy a hearty breakfast whilst others enjoy the hearty meal in the evening.

2: Select from the food

– Available that which appeals most to appetite, and in the order called for my appetite. Food available means that closest to its natural form. Probably in season and often on special at the supermarket, not the cheap chocolate bar at the cash register.

3: Get all the good taste

– There is in food out of it in the mouth, and swallow only when it practically “swallows itself”- Follow the basic processes of chewing and naturally swallowing. Remember the importance of peace and quiet whilst feeding the body at all times.

4: Enjoy the good taste

– For all it is worth, and do not allow any depressing or diverting thought to intrude on the ceremony – Maintain an attitude of gratitude as the prevailing mindset and if necessary eliminate any dominating thoughts of anger, depression, fear or confusion along with others trying to take control.

5: Wait, take and enjoy

– as much as possible what appetite approves. Nature will do the rest. Eating with these processes at the fore will allow true appetite to speak and provide an awareness of when to terminate the meal.

Almost 100 years ago this system worked wonders for Horace Fletcher. For five months Fletcher went on patiently observing and found out positively at that time he had been transformed and had lost upward of sixty pounds of fat. Health was the best in 20 years with a clear head, a springy body, “that tired feeling” was gone and enjoyment of exercise had become a new experience with not a single cold for five months.

His system – available in a free ebook from the link below – will work for you. Get the book and you’ll remember the day you read this and discovered a breakthrough system for experiencing youthful vigor.

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