Anti-aging: Is It Really Possible To Happen?

Anti-aging: Is It Really Possible To Happen

Anti-aging: Is It Really Possible?

The biggest key in the fight against aging is our diet and nutrition. The old adage, “you are what you eat” is absolutely true! It is impossible to expect to be healthy and vital if we are not eating the nutrients we need to keep our bodies performing at its best.

I truly believe that the increase in lifestyle diseases that we are presently seeing is in great part due to poor diets and junk food. It is very important to try to increase the amount of whole foods that we eat and decrease the amount of processed foods that we eat.

Processed foods have almost no nutrients left in them … they are consider as “empty calories”. But even worse than that, the preservatives, additives, and chemicals that are in these processed foods interfere with many bodily functions including hormones. These chemical toxins are called “xenoestrogens” and they often trigger a condition called “Estrogen Dominance”.

What is Estrogen Dominance?

Simply explained, it is when the ratio of Estrogen and Progesterone get out of whack and you have higher levels of estrogen, compared to progesterone. There are many things in our modern society that contribute to this imbalance including birth control pills, caffeine, alcohol and xenoestrogens (which are caused by external toxins and pollutants like detergents, pesticides, plastics etc.), as well as impaired liver function and even stress!

The hormonal imbalances caused by Estrogen Dominance have many negative effects on the body and can make you feel a lot older by triggering many symptoms like poor memory, “foggy brain”, weight gain and difficulty losing weight, increased facial hair, decreased sex drive, vaginal dryness, darkened skin pigmentation, water retention and much, much more. Estrogen Dominance also increases the risk of many lifestyle diseases like cancer, fibrocystic breasts, breast cancer, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and much more.

Estrogen Dominance is much more common than people think, thanks to the world we live in. And it is happening to women at younger and younger ages, even to women in their twenties or thirties! So how do you combat estrogen dominance? One of the most important changes you can make is losing weight if you are overweight, since this triggers a vicious cycle of hormonal imbalances and weight gain, especially in the abdominal area.

But of course, how you lose weight is just as important, if not more, than just losing weight. If you lose weight following unhealthy weight loss diets, you could be unbalancing your hormones even more. The better way is to lose some weight slowly, stay eating healthy and nutritious foods and DO NOT skip meals.

Instead of following an unhealthy diet, you follow a healthy eating program you will not only lose weight but will have many health benefits as well.

Check out these little-known, powerful anti-aging benefits you get from eating a healthy, balanced diet:

– Eating a healthy diet decreases free radical production through proper nutrition, which is a powerful anti-aging technique, as well as decreasing the risk of developing different types of cancer

Eating healthy foods also helps to encourage the anti-aging decreasing level of cholesterol and triglycerides to healthy levels.

When you follow a healthy diet and do not skip meals or starve yourself, you actually speed up your metabolism and increase fat burning capabilities. Dieting is one of the best ways of slowing down your metabolism, which of course makes losing weight very difficult. Yo-yo dieting is a good example of this. Each time you lose weight and gain it back, you are slowing down your metabolism so that each subsequent diet gets harder and harder to lose weight.

– It is also possible to make a few simple changes to your diet so that the food you eat stabilizes your blood sugar levels and reduces insulin and improves insulin resistance … ultimately decreasing the risk of Diabetes. And did you know that Insulin is a major culprit in weight gain?

– And here is a very powerful anti-aging secret:

eating a healthy, balanced diet supports your liver! If your liver works better, your body detoxifies more efficiently, which improves all areas of your health (including cellulite reduction the natural way), as well as supporting your immune system which is of course very important for good health

And not only do unhealthy diets unbalance your hormones, one thing that many people don’t think about when they decide to lose weight following unhealthy fast weight loss diets: the faster you lose weight, the bigger the chances that you will be left with loose, sagging skin! A healthy eating program decreases the chances of having loose, sagging skin, because you lose weight in a slow, steady way, which gives your body a chance to firm up your skin. There are also many foods you can eat that promote healthy, firm skin tone. (The “Diet Free … Last!” Weight Loss Program teaches which foods promote anti-aging and also which foods you can eat to help to improve skin tone and prevent loose, sagging skin.)

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Anti-Aging Diet – How Food Can Keep You Young

Anti-Aging Diet

Anti-Aging Diet

Did you know that changing your diet can extend your life and make you feel and look younger than your physical age? Find out what an anti-aging diet is and how it can help you defeat the aging process.

What happens to your body as you age?

Our body consists of millions of sells, as the sells are dying they are being replaced with new ones. The quality of new sells is directly linked to your diet because to be regenerated properly sells need good nutrition. As we grow older, the process of cell regeneration doesn’t as smooth as before, it is called sell degeneration. When the replacement sells are weaker than original sells. By eating certain anti-aging foods we can help the new sells to be strong and healthy.

Foods to avoid in anti-aging diet

First, you should decrease the intake of saturated fats. American Heart Association recommends that fat should not to exceed 30 percent of your total energy. For a real anti-aging nutrition the number is about 10 percent. That means that for protein it is better to consume lean fish rather than meat.

Some anti-aging doctors suggest a completely vegetarian diet. However, it has not been scientifically proved that avoiding meat all together leads to a longer and healthier life. However, when you eat meat, go for lean varieties.

And do I even have to mention avoiding junk food? Everybody knows that it is bad for you, but most people keep eating it anyway. If you seriously want to keep nutritious diet, you should restrict yourself from chips and other “empty-calories” stuff.

Saturated fats are not the only thing to avoid. Some studies have shown that foods high in carbohydrates also lead to selling degeneration. These include sugar, chocolate, chips, and pasta and soy products. High concentration of heavy metals in your food also leads to premature aging.

Anti-aging food – what is it?

There are several foods that help with cell regeneration. These are products high in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. These are elements known as antioxidants Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Folic acid.

Here is a list of foods important for anti-aging nutrition:

Recently there has been a lot of talk about anti-aging Goji berries and Goji berries juice. These berries grow in Himalaya, and studies have shown that people who live there and consume the berries on regular basis live long and healthy lives. Goji berries and their juice are very high in antioxidants.

You may also need, because pollution in the cities and stress of everyday working life speed up the aging process, so you may need additional nutrients and vitamins to combat it. You can look online for anti-aging supplements to add to your diet. These are vitamin and mineral complexes with a high percentage of antioxidants. Alternatively, take a good brand name multivitamin every day.

The most important about anti-aging diet is that you have to be persistent and consume healthy foods every day. Eating nutritious food for several days and then returning to usual fast food lifestyle wouldn’t work. And, of course, you will have to do some exercise to help your body feeling young.

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Nuts & Seeds Are Best For Anti Aging Skin Care

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and Seeds

Adding more nuts and seeds to your diet is a great idea for your body and your mind. A daily regular helping of nuts and seeds can help to prevent diabetes, cancer and other diseases. Nuts and seeds can help to make your mind sharper and you ultimately more productive.

What you might not also know about nuts and seeds are their ability to help reduce wrinkles and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How do nuts and seeds help with wrinkles? It’s a simple matter of understanding the basic make-up of nuts, which are primarily essential fatty acids. Those acids are excellent for restoring the skin’s natural luster, plumping it and reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. They also help to reduce the incidence of new wrinkles.

Aside from their pure effect on wrinkles, you can stave off a host of diseases when you eat a regular diet of nuts. These include heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

Recent studies have backed up the disease-fighting qualities of nuts. The Nurses’ Health Study, for example, discovered that women who ate at least five ounces of nuts a week cut their risk of coronary heart disease by 35 percent. One more study proves that men who ate nuts, not more than just twice a week cut their chance of sudden cardiac arrest by as much as 53%.

Though it might not seem that fighting disease would have an effect on your skin, the truth is that suffering from, and battling back against, the disease can exhaust the body and stress the skin, leading to wrinkles. Eating more nuts, then, is beneficial not only through the wrinkle-fighting qualities of the nuts but also the ability of nuts to combat dangerous diseases.

Many people – women, in particular – avoid nuts because they are high in fat. And that is true, as nuts are quite high in fat, but there is a difference between what we commonly know as “good fats” and “bad fats”, and nuts definitely fall into the “good fat” category.

How can you get more nuts and seeds into your diet? It’s not as difficult as it might seem.

A handful of nuts is considered a satisfactory daily serving, and you can get that by sprinkling some chopped walnuts or pecans onto your morning oatmeal, or by adding some flaxseed into your smoothie.

At lunch, consider adding nuts to your salad, or ordering that pecan encrusted chicken that always looks good on the menu. At your dinner, you can also add some hazelnuts with your salmon fillet or add sunflower seed to your broccoli salad. After dinner, give yourself an dark chocolate covered with almonds.

For a wrinkle-free look and a healthy body to boot, consider getting more nuts and seeds in your diet. Your skin will thank you for it.

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Anti-Aging – Fact vs Fiction About Anti-Aging

Fact vs Fiction

Anti-Aging Fact vs Fiction

Anti-Aging is a highly controversially subject that is being researched to a large extent because scientists wonder if it really does exist. The war is not so much about the anti-aging process; it is with the actual meaning of anti-aging. Many people consider anti-aging to be a type of medicine or brands, where others consider it to be the slowing or preventing the process. So the question still remains, is anti-aging a fact or just fiction?

The answer really does depend on which definition you choose to follow. Scientists agree that research still needs to be done on whether there are ways to reverse the again process. Technically there is no medical advice that can say whether anti-aging can really take place. Although there are many ways to look younger outside, deep inside you are still aging. The result of the anti-aging product will only see when the person dies, it takes many years.

In the medical field

Anti-aging means the prevention of age-related diseases. This is different from the physical aspect of changing the aging process itself. There are many therapies that claim to be anti-aging therapies such as calorie restriction, healthier eating, and of course adding antioxidants to your body that medical personnel believes help the again process to some extent. However, when you look at the state of our society and the obesity problem that many people face, the question remains as to whether it is just making us healthier to live a normal lifespan as opposed to living longer. People are dying younger because of unhealthy eating habits that can lead to heart disease, so right now it is impossible to tell what a normal lifespan is.

Many brands say that their product is anti-aging, in fact, they just put it to tempt the person to buy. One more, there is little to no scientific proof that it actually works. There are creams that make your skin look younger, and exercise machines that help with anti-aging. Again, this is just a case whereby looking and feeling younger it seems to help with our aging process. It has no bearing on how long we actually live.

Many therapies lengthen life spans by preventing unwanted diseases, but it doesn’t mean that it can consider as anti-aging. It may help you live longer than you would if you had an incurable disease, but it will not help you live longer than what the natural lifespan is. So, in answer to the question of whether it is fact or fiction, there is no real answer at all.

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Natural Anti Aging Supplements – Which Ones Really Work?


Natural Anti Aging Supplements

DHEA has gained popularity as a natural anti-aging supplement recently. DHEA is a hormone that is naturally made by the human body and can be converted into the hormones Estrogen and Testosterone. When a person begins to age, their levels of this hormone begin to drop. Some claim that supplements containing will slow the effects of aging by promoting the growth of muscle, burn fat, and increase the strength of bones. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic backs some medical claims connected to DHEA while fracturing others. The study involved eighty-seven men and fifty-seven women over the age of sixty for two years.

The participants had low levels of the hormone when the study began and when taking supplements the level reached a normal level. According to the study, a fair level of evidence shows that DHEA supplements benefit adrenal insufficiency and that DHEA supplements may help with weight loss and lupus. Evidence for increased muscle strength, immunity, and memory was debunked. Twinlab MaxiLife is the most popular brand on the market at this time. It contains what the brand claims to be the most potent DHEA available, 7-Keto.

CoEnzyme Q10

Has been indicated in many studies as an effective anti-aging supplement. CoEnzyme Q10 is made by the body and is key for the proper cellular activity and function. Aging lowers the amount of CoEnzyme Q10 in the body. Supplements have been found to assist in a number of ailments. The supplement has caused small decreases in blood pressure, reduced angina, and may slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. In a few studies, CQ10 has shown a reduction in deaths, abnormal heart rhythms, and second hearts attacks.

Many proponents of the supplement have proclaimed CQ10 as a wonder supplement, though more studies are being conducted to determine which diseases may be affected in a positive manner. There are a low number of side effects reported with the use of CQ10. Most are mild and brief, such as a loss of appetite, irritability, and skin itching/rash. A popular brand of CoQ10 can be found at GNC. GNC CoQ10 is strictly processed and tested to meet high industry standards and surpass them.

Read Carefully:

Green Tea, black tea, and oolong tea are all made from the same plant, Camellia sinensis and has been used in China for close to five thousand years. Scientific evidence is unclear on the benefits of green tea, though more studies are occurring every year and most. One well-documented case has a popular tea for fertility, FertilityBlend, cited for helping some women conceive. There’s also evidence that green tea may assist in protecting against heart attack, high cholesterol, menopause, mental alertness, prostate cancer, and even slowing the breakdown of cartilage.

The side effects of green tea are limited to adverse reactions. To those with tea or tannin allergies and sensitive to caffeine. Decaffeinated versions are readily available. Tea can be purchased under many brand names with Lipton becoming popular for offering the beneficial supplement.

Care should be taken before embarking on any change in diet and health. Carefully research any claims made by a manufacturer and consult a doctor before making changes or using any product. Natural products are a healthy alternative, but even natural products can cause unwanted side effects.

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